Wendy's Wednesday turns hump day into a Nuggs Party

Wendy's Nuggs Party Pack
Wendy's Nuggs Party Pack / Wendy's

With a little alliterative help, Wendy’s Wednesday might be the new food day on the weekly schedule. It is time to join the Nuggs Party and get dipping in the middle of the week.

Some people like to follow a weekly food schedule. It might be more than just Sunday supper where everyone prepares for the week. Occasionally, a particular meal or food is written in pen, not pencil, on the calendar.

While one particular day is often associated with handheld food, Wednesday has not receive quite as much love. Mike the Camel might love announcing the mid-week day to the whole office, others are looking forward to the quick step to the weekend. But now, there’s Wendy’s Wednesday and everything is looking up.

On Wednesdays, Wendy’s is offering a free 6-piece nuggets with any purchase in the app. It is that little extra to make the middle of the week tastier.

For those people who want more than a half-dozen chicken nuggets, the Nuggs Party Pack is the over the top offering to satisfy even the most robust craving. The 50 nugget package is the answer for summer parties, a big family dinner, or even just the enormous teenager appetite.

Commenting on this launch, Lindsay Radkoski, U.S. Chief Marketing Officer for The Wendy's Company said, “Wendy's is committed to celebrating our unmatched chicken nugget fandom while also delivering the value our customers have come to expect from us. With exclusive deals and even bigger ways to Nugg, our Nuggs Party Pack and Wendy's Wednesdays are all about satisfying our fans' cravings."

While many people would happily place an order for the Nuggs Party Pack, the rollout is not instantaneous. Luckily, the WendysNuggParty.com is a real-time, interactive map that directs guests to a local restaurant offering it. Sometimes it helps to head off in the right direction. Hangry driving is never beneficial.

It is time to give nuggets their due and celebrate Wendy’s Wednesday. Nugg love is real and it is time for it to get its own spot in the weekly food rotation.