White Castle Love Clutch Collection will have that special someone swooning


While journey to the Love Castle may not require crossing a moat or braving a dangerous quest, the promise of a memorable Valentine’s Day meal awaits. It is time to bring the romance with the White Castle Love Clutch Collection.  

Although some people make grand gestures with luxurious food, exotic locales, and over the top expressions to woo their valentine, others prefer to let the connection across the table take center stage. A white tablecloth might hide the crack in the table, but it does not diminish the laughter from the dining partner.  

For several years, White Castle has turned its quick service restaurants into Love Castles for Valentine’s Day. This year, guests can head to OpenTable to make that reservation. But, like any February 14 dining event, it is best to book early. Reservations open on January 5.  

This year, the new White Castle Love Clutch Collection ensures that in any and every moment, a hunger can be satisfied, with a little whimsy in the process. The White Castle Love Clutch Collection includes 10 Cheesy Sliders, 20 Chicken Rings and a sack of fries. The special offering will be available February 9 through February 18.  

If the tables at the Love Castle are booked, why not take that clutch and have a floor picnic. Whether the television screen shows a sandy beach or a wintry drift, set the tone to make it special. Splurge on the red plates, consider a little mood music, and maybe have a toast ready to start the meal. The dollar amount spent is not as important as the effort made.  

For anyone who wants is the ultimate White Castle fan, skip the red roses on the table and wrap up an item from the House of Crave instead. Whether the love birds choose to have matching Love Castle Crave Tee or for a more intimate couple wear matching robes to lounge the night away, there are plenty of options to purchase.  

Love is in the air. From the White Castle Love Clutch Collection to sharing a crave case, there are plenty of ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day at the Love Castle, aka White Castle.