Zac Young ups the ante at Sprinkletown Donuts and Ice Cream, interview

Zac Young discusses Sprinkletown Donuts and Ice Cream
Zac Young discusses Sprinkletown Donuts and Ice Cream / Sprinkletown

While the iconic Piecaken is the ultimate slice of confectionery creativity, Zac Young continues to turn sweet dreams into tasty treats. At Sprinkletown Donuts and Ice Cream, located at Foxwoods Resort Casino, the celebrated chef lets guests turn their sugar fantasies into reality.

As the bright lights and cacophonous cheers set the ambiance, guests of Foxwood Resort Casino crave food that does more than just curb a hunger. With all the other excitement and exuberance of the experience, the food needs to capture that same feeling.

Sprinkletown Donuts and Ice Creams wants to bring that over the top, indulgent, and whimsical moment to eating a sweet treat. While many people might run to their morning donut shop or cannot resist the call of a beaming red light, these donuts are different. In a way, it captures that cliché statement of a “kid in a candy store” who can have anything and everything on the plate.

The customizable donuts and signature sundaes with the “choose your own adventure” menu let guests dream bigger. It might not necessarily be the winning jackpot at the slots, but it is a windfall of flavor.

When asked about the customizable aspect to his menu, Zac Young said, “While we may not be the only ones doing custom donuts, we are giving you the kitchen sink the number of toppings and glazes and sugars options we have at Sprinkletown. I would attempt to do the math, but there are arguably over a million combos you can create. For us, it's about the unexpected - like corn nuts, candied bacon, tajin, 6 kinds of sprinkles - that makes the experience unique!”

As Young said, “We believe more is more - there is a physical limitation but you are only bound by that!” Hopefully, everyone will be willing to share their over the top creations.

That unique experience is what drives guests to come back time and again. Whether it is celebrating a lucky streak or hoping to console a turn at the tables, everyone is a winner at Sprinkletown.

Sprinkletown donuts
Sprinkletown's donuts selection / Sprinkletown

One menu item that has received rave reviews is the High Roller doughnuts. These flavors will rotate with new ones joining the menu over time.

Young explained, “We have our core flavors that have received fantastic response, but we will continue to add new High Roller donuts. I am excited to do seasonal ones, and specials for holidays and events, and whatever comes up my mind!”

With the great response to the opening of the Foxwoods Resort Casino opening, could there be more Sprinkletown locations opening in the future? Young shared, “I wanted to open this as my personal playground at Foxwoods. The response has been overwhelming, so I’d love to bring the sprinkles and deliciousness to more people - but right now there is so much more I want to do at Foxwoods and I am focusing my creativity here at the time.”

Anyone who wants to get into Young’s sugar playbox and creative their own sweet creations can help to Sprinkletown Donuts and Ice Cream at Foxwoods Resort Casino. It is located inside Great Cedar Hotel dining concourse. Check with the brand’s website for operating hours.