Imported Belgian Waffles at White Castle: it’s an elevated crave pack


File under the absurd, White Castle announces imported Belgian waffles to be used in their limited edition sliders. Who is ready for an elevated crave pack?

The first fast-food hamburger chain is getting a little European inspiration for its new, limited time offering. Using imported Belgian waffles, White Castle adds three new menu items. The new “Waffles with Nutella® hazelnut spread, Belgian Waffle Sundae and a Spicy Breakfast Waffle Slider” can be ordered at participating locations. But, what is an imported Belgian waffle?

When this announcement hit, I didn’t question the new menu items. Chicken and waffles can be a tasty meal. The salty/sweet combination is quite satisfying. I even understand using waffles in a breakfast sandwich. The crispy waffle contrast to the eggs is another winning combination. And, everyone can get behind a waffle sundae. But, why do you want to import a Belgian waffle?

True, waffles and Belgian waffles are different. Belgian waffles are generally lighter because the batter itself is lighter. Also, the waffle squares are larger. Lastly, the waffle itself is often thicker. A regular waffle is smaller, denser and often crispier.

Belgian waffles don’t have to come directly from the European country. It is a style of waffle. It doesn’t require a special flour. Yes, the waffle maker (i.e. small kitchen appliance) is different, but those appliances are sold anywhere.

Imported Belgian waffles at White Castle. (PRNewsfoto/White Castle)

According the White Castle news release, “the Belgian waffles used for our sliders are authentic and imported from a partner in Brussels, Belgium, that began making waffles in 1932.” I’m sure that these waffles could be quite tasty. But, how long does it take for these Belgian waffles to travel to a White Castle location? Wouldn’t the waffles be fresher if they were made closer to the store, or even in store?

Maybe I’m asking too much from White Castle. Many friends grab a crave case on their way home after a long evening. Granted, the chain tries to impress with its table-cloth service on Valentine’s Day, the fast food establishment isn’t going for the foodie crowd.

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Still, if someone could explain why this imported Belgian waffle is so different and better than the Belgian waffles that I make at home, I would really appreciate it.