Drinking scotch my way, not Anthony Bourdain’s way


Recently, many food sites have reported Anthony Bourdain’s preferred way of drinking scotch. Why should the television food personality influence how I drink my liquor?

Have you ever read an article title and been stumped, confused or enticed to click? We all have been there. Recently, a popular topic that everyone was talking about was Anthony Bourdain’s preferred way to drink scotch. Personally, I never read any of those articles because I don’t care. I’m drinking scotch my way, not because a television personality tells me how to correctly drink it.

Many people enjoy watching Anthony Bourdain on television. His food/travel shows are incredibly entertaining. Bourdain doesn’t have a filter and doesn’t apologize. His approach to food television is not filtered for better product placement. There is a reality, grit to each location he profiles. While I enjoy his programing, I have no desire to emulate him.

Recently, in a tweet Bourdain said “Dear Clickbait Factories: I have no “rules” for drinking Scotch. I have personal preferences. What you do with your drink is your business.” I wish that this statement will be broadcast over and over. In 140 characters, Bourdain conveyed what people need to hear, not what they want to hear. Think for yourselves.

Bourdain can spout his opinions on food, travel and life. But these opinions are not rules or dogma. People need to use their brains. Of course, you can take advice from anyone. But, his opinion, actions or anything else shouldn’t be the only way of action. Without a brain, everyone is a minion ready to walk off a cliff.

Still, people want to emulate their favorite television personalities. If Bourdain drinks scotch straight, with a single square cube or mixed with a splash of water shouldn’t matter. Maybe people want to sound intelligent when talking about scotch. Who knows, But, Bourdain isn’t a scotch expert, he is another person who likes to have a good drink. Maybe if he was the head of a scotch company, I might see him as a scotch expert.

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What can we learn from these recent articles? Form your own opinions. Of course, knowledge from any source is great, but don’t just blindly follow because a celebrity endorses it. As for me, I’m drinking a glass of rose right now. Not because it is trendy, but because it is cold in my wine fridge.