Eat like Oprah, Heinz Kraft and Oprah collaborate on classic comfort foods


Classic comfort foods are family favorites, but those comfort foods can be less convenient to make. Oprah collaborated with Heinz Kraft on a nutritious comfort foods line.

Finding food choices that families enjoy, are nutritiously good and are convenient can be a difficult task. Often, one of those components is lacking. Part of the Mealtime Stories, LLC, the Kraft Heinz and Oprah Winfrey joint venture, O, That’s Good! Is a line of soups and sides. The classic comfort foods are convenient, nutritious and good tasting.

The O, That’s Good! line includes four soups and side. Based on favorite comfort foods, these convenient, refrigerated foods have a twist on the classic. With added veggies in each serving, consumers get a nutrition boost from a dish that they already enjoy.

O, That’s Good! line, photo from BusinessWire

For example, many family mashed potato recipes have extra butter, cream and salt added to the potatoes. This food line increases the veggies instead of the high calorie ingredients. In the O, That’s Good! line,”the Original Mashed Potatoes we’ve replaced some of the potato with mashed cauliflower and in our Broccoli Cheddar Soup we’ve replaced some of the cheese with velvety butternut squash – increasing the number of veggies while keeping all of the rich flavor in every bite.”

While the idea of extra veggie foods isn’t a new concept, the Oprah seal of approval and the convenience factor are both big selling points. The monthly and annual Oprah favorite things list are big sellers. Companies want that Oprah approval stamp because they know it increases sales. The Oprah branding on this food line should experience the same effective.

Also, convenience is a huge factor for families. While families understand the importance of better eating, those dishes can be more cumbersome to cook. Prepping extra vegetables or finding the extra cooking time can be difficult. This line of convenient and nutritious soups and sides helps anyone with a busy lifestyle.

The O, That’s Good! lines features four soups and four sides. The soups will retail for $4.99 and the sides will retail for $4.49. The products will be available in the refrigerated section. While available at some grocers, the line will be available everywhere in October.

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Classic comfort foods don’t have to be delegated to just a special occasion. The O, That’s Good! Heinz and Oprah collaboration brings convenient, nutritious comfort foods to the dinner table.