Curly fries or crinkle fries, which one is the most popular fry?


Can one French fry be better than another? Curly fries versus crinkle fries? Which one is the most popular fry?

Fries are one of the most popular side dishes. Whether enjoy dunked in ketchup or over salted, the fry is enjoyed by the majority of people. National Potato Day is a great excuse to eat a few extra French fries. But which version of the humble potato is the most popular fry? Curly fries are hands down the winner.

Thinking about fries, a bunch of types come to mind. From the addictive fast food variety with their beef fat flavor to the home made steak wedges, fries come in all shapes and sizes. A few fry styles are great for dipping into a favorite sauce. Some fries are best enjoy with Frosty. And, some fries aren’t even fried.

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Looking at food history, the potatoes were cultivated by the Incas in ancient times. As the potato traveled the world, new uses for the potato were introduced. Even Thomas Jefferson served fried potatoes in the White House. Today, over 2,000 varieties of potatoes exist and all 50 state grow potatoes.

While potatoes are enjoyed in many forms, fried potatoes, particularly French fries seem to be a very the most popular type of potato dish. In a recent study, French fries were ranked the most popular with mash potatoes a close second.

Some people are adamant about their passion for a particular style of fries. But, is one type of fry much more popular than other? The answer is yes, curly fries are the most popular fry type.
According to the same potato survey curly fries beat crinkle fries by a 2 to 1 ratio. Curly fries beat every type of fry by a large margin. Maybe it is because the spiral shape is just fun. Usually this fry type isn’t overly crunchy or crisp.

What was interesting is that the survey didn’t clarify is the curly fries were seasoned or plain. It can make a big difference in fry choice. If a fry is over-seasoned or the seasoning isn’t tasty, that fry can’t be saved, even with copious amounts of ketchup. But, good seasoned fried can be quite tasty. Maybe someone should do that survey, seasoned versus unseasoned fries.

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Are you a curly fries fan or a crinkle fries fan? Let us know your thoughts on the fry subject. We won’t judge your opinion; we just want to eat more fries.