New Oreo mystery flavor, aren’t classic Oreos good enough?


People are buzzing about the new Oreo mystery flavor. When did classic Oreos become bad?

Recently, Oreo has been unveiling tons of different flavors. From Peanut Butter and Jelly to Firecracker (Pop Rocks), the iconic sandwich cookie has tried new flavors. Recently, people have been intrigued with the possibility of a new Oreo mystery flavor. But, why do we need this flavor?

According to The Junk Food Aisle Instagram account, this new Oreo flavor, a mystery flavor, is coming. The picture shows a white package with a big question mark. This special limited edition flavor could be tied to an Oreo promotion and/or contest. A small label in the corner touts a potential prize.
Many people have started guessing what the mystery flavor might be. Some guesses seem quite possible. White chocolate has been a popular choice. The white packaging lends to the idea that the filling will be white. Some ideas are very off-putting, but it can be fun to guess.

My guess is horchada. The Mexican drink has been quite popular this summer. Starbucks introduced a horchada drink. Plus, the white coloring would work with a horchada flavored filling. But, no one will know until the mystery is revealed.

Still, why do we need all these flavored Oreos? When did a classic Oreo become bad? I grew up with Oreos. Dunking them into milk after a long school day seemed to make everything a little better.
Oreos taste great on their own. They can make ice cream taste even better. Who doesn’t love a classic cookies and cream? Oreos work in tons of desserts too. There are no shortages of uses for Oreos.

But, I don’t want all these different flavors. Sure, peanut butter and jelly is a good sandwich, but I don’t want it in an Oreo. Same idea with Peeps, Pop Rocks and everything else. Why ruin a classic?

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The Oreo Mystery Flavor will be revealed soon enough. Sorry Oreo, I’m going to pass on this purchase. I still have a bag of classic, original Oreos in my pantry to eat.