Is Donut Bar, the tastiest donuts in America, franchising?


Who doesn’t crave a delicious donut? Donut Bar, the tastiest donuts in America, just announced that it could be coming to your city.

San Diego is a wonderful city to visit. The Southern California city is filled with many historical places, sports venues and more famous locales. But, for foodies and donut lovers, Donut Bar tops the must visit list. Considered the tastiest donuts in America, Donut Bar could be coming to your city.

Recently announced, the San Diego donut shop has decided to expand its donut empire. While the company has two additional locations at the San Diego International Airport and Las Vegas, the company believes that franchising its concept is going to be huge.

According to chef and owner Santiago Campa, this franchising opportunity will give owner-operators the chance to bring the world famous donuts to more customers. These donuts aren’t just plain glazed. The donuts are high-end, artisan donuts that truly taste different. From fresh ingredients to creative flavors, one bite is a flavor explosion.
The Donut Bar has been successful for both its delicious donuts and its atmosphere. The donuts play off pop culture commonalities. From butter beer to Homer’s donut, popular references add to the levity. But, the flavor combinations keep fans coming back. Current offerings like Mexican Hot Chocolate and Blood Orange are flavors that show a donut isn’t just a plain sugar bomb.

Beyond the donuts itself, Donut Bar creates an atmosphere that keeps fans coming back. The fun décor and friendly staff entices people to get these special donuts before they run out for the day. No one wants to be left out of the daily offerings.

Additionally, Donut Bar creates some special events. Donuts and beer events or donuts and wine tastings are fun evening happenings. Who hasn’t enjoyed an adult beverage with a donut? If you haven’t, I suggest that you try it.

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When will the first Donut Bar franchise open? We will have to wait for the exact announcement. Until then, fans will have to get their fix at the three current Donut Bar locations.