Bloody Mary: Brunch classic cocktail gets a flavor twist


A Bloody Mary is a brunch classic cocktail. But, the king of brunch benefits from a few new flavor twists.

The classic Bloody Mary cocktail combines tomato juice, spices and vodka. Some drinkers prefer spicy combinations with extra horseradish. Other people prefer more savory flavors of extra Worchester sauce. But, tomato juice is the primary flavor that exemplifies a Bloody Mary.

Luckily some Bloody Mary cocktail mixes incorporate these bolder flavors. Powell and Mahoney has a great sriracha Bloody Mary mix. Simply add vodka to the mix. The flavor packs some heat without scorching your tongue.

As people explore different flavors, vodka choices have influenced this classic cocktail. Spicy vodkas with lots of pepper have gained popularity with bacon infused vodkas too. The infused vodkas add depth and layers to the Bloody Mary profile. But, the flavor boost isn’t stopping with the vodka.

Bob Nolet, the 11th generation of the Nolet family distillery, whose father Carolus Nolet Sr., created Ketel One Vodka, hosted a Bloody Mary tour around the world at the World Class Bartender of the Year finals in Mexico. (PRNewsfoto/Ketel One Vodka)

With people enjoy more fresh juices, these flavors appear in the classic cocktail. Fresh green juices add bright flavors. Recently during World Class Bartender of the Year final, several world class mixologists introduced some new Bloody Mary concoctions. The Brazilian Mary was a spicy cocktail featuring carrot juice. The bright orange color was matched with spicy pink peppercorns. The flavors were as vibrant as the flavors.

The carrot juice theme continues into other offerings as well. A Dutch offering added apples, pears and orange to the Carrot Mary. Even more exciting was the addition of tamarind. This spice adds a depth of flavor with its spicy and sweet notes.

Overall, the use of fresh ingredients is the key to a successful Bloody Mary. Since Mexico hosted the World Class Bartender of the Year final, the Mexican Mary celebrated the host country. This Bloody Mary version featured Mexican favorites like Chile chipotle and jalapeno.

These specialty Bloody Mary cocktails can inspire the home mixologist to think beyond the plain tomato juice and vodka creation. The cocktail doesn’t need the colossal garnish, but the cocktail benefits from layered flavor.

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Are you ready to serve this brunch classic cocktail? The King of Brunch isn’t your father’s cocktail with these flavor combinations.