Hurricane food preparation, what to stock in the pantry


Besides the safety materials, food and water are a major factor of hurricane preparedness. This list of hurricane food preparation are a few thoughts of what to stock in the pantry.

During the peak of hurricane season, many people prepare for these dangerous storms. While everyone knows the importance of bottled water, hurricane food preparation is a necessity, too. Non-perishable foods are essential hurricane preparation. These five must have hurricane preparedness foods can help everyone during those difficult times.

Before talking about food, water is the essential item needed for any hurricane emergency. The idea is to have one gallon of water, per person, per day. Additionally, this amount should be multiplied by three days. Also, don’t forget pets in your preparation. They need water, too. Truthfully, you can’t have too much water. Even if you don’t use all the water during the storm, you will eventually drink it.

With water stocked, a few other hurricane food preparation items can help during and after the storm. Here are a few food items that can keep hunger at bay.

Peanut Butter

Putting aside people with nut allergies, peanut butter is a great item to have in the pantry during a hurricane. Peanut Butter is a good protein source. Plus, it doesn’t have to be refrigerated. From a peanut butter sandwich to a spoon directly from the jar, peanut butter needs no preparation and is always tasty.


Cereal isn’t just for breakfast during a hurricane. Even if you don’t have any cold milk, cereal is always a good choice. From the kid favorite Cheerios to a sugary, Frosted Flakes, cereal can kept the hunger at bay. While there may not be a prize at the bottom of the box, a box of cereal could bring a sense of comfort during a difficult time.

Dried fruit

Everyone knows that eating more fruits and veggies is important for good health. But, fresh fruit may be difficult to keep fresh without any power. A couple bags of dried fruit can keep up your daily fruit servings while not needed refrigeration. From kid friendly raisins to apple chips, so many options are available. You could almost make a dried fruit salad.


No everyone likes jerky, but it can a good source of protein. Beef jerky can come in many flavors. Some companies even make poultry jerky. Even the mechanically separated chicken in a Slim Jim can do in a pinch. Eating during a hurricane and afterwards isn’t about gourmet cooking. It is about nourishment and staying strong. So get chewing on the protein in some jerky.

Junk Food

Let’s be honest, a hurricane is scary, especially for kids. Why not try to add a little levity to difficult situation. Grab a box of Twinkies, cupcakes or other high calorie snack food. This situation isn’t about calorie counting. Maybe a special treat can keep a child’s mind off the high winds and rain that is plummeting the outside area.

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While this list might be a little lighthearted, a hurricane is a serious hazard. If you are told to evacuate, get out. Safety is and should be everyone’s first priority.