Cachaça, the Brazilian liquor, is best enjoyed in a simple Caipirinha


Simplicity can be a basic, classic cocktail’s best friend. A Brazilian Caipirinha celebrates the uniquely Brazil liquor, Cachaça.

Since many liquors and cocktails have a national celebratory day, cachaça and the Caipirinha is celebrated on September 13. The national Brazilian liquor is more than just Brazilian rum. Made from sugar cane juice, this liquor is different than other rums. With a distinct flavor, this liquor is definitely unique.

One of the most popular ways to enjoy Cachaça is in a Caipirinha . This cocktail is generally just three ingredients, lime, simple syrup, and cachaça. The cocktail is sweet yet bright. It is refreshing for those warm days.

Toast with a Brazilian Caipirinha on National Cachaça Day at Texas de Brazil Churrascarias nationwide. (PRNewsfoto/Texas de Brazil)

Caipirinha translates to mean “little peasant girl.” Considered one of the seven basic, classic cocktails, the Caipirinha has long history. According to Mapa da Cachaca, the first Caipirinha dates back to the 1850s. Since people were getting sick from the water, the drink was created by necessity. Today, people enjoy the cocktail because it tastes good.

To create a Caipirinha, simply muddle some sugar and lime in a glass. Add some cachaca and top with ice. While lime is the classic flavor, other fresh fruit can be used, too. Strawberry, mango and even coconut work well as a fruit substitute.

For National Cachaca Day, a few restaurants will be celebrating the day with cocktail specials. Fogo de Chao and Texas de Brazil will offer $5 Caipirinha all night long.

If you can’t make it to one of these Brazilian restaurants, Fogo de Chao has provided its recipe for a Caipirinha.

"Ingredients:1 whole lime2 tablespoons white sugar2 oz. CachaçaPreparation:1. Cut lime in half and remove core (this is the bitter part of the lime; it is not sour).2. Slice lime thinly against the direction of the core.3. Place sliced lime in a rocks glass and add two tablespoons of sugar.4. Muddle lime and sugar together to extract the natural juice of the lime.5. Fill glass to the brim with ice, and add 2 oz. of cachaça.6. Cap glass with bar shaker and shake thoroughly to ensure the sugar dissolves evenly.7. Pour back into rocks glass and Serve at once. Enjoy!Note: Garnish the Caipirinha with a lime wheel or stick of sugar cane, as desired."

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Are you ready to sip the flavors of Brazil? September 13 is a great time to try Cachaca and a Caipirinha.