5 Kitchen tools that promote healthy eating choices


From New Year’s Resolutions to simply better eating habits, these five kitchen tools help promote healthy eating choices all year round.

Healthy eating choices don’t have to be a struggle. With a little preparation, the right kitchen tools and conscious choices, changes to eating habits can become a lifelong choice. Instead of a one-month resolution to choose better, a few simple kitchen hacks can make a lasting change. From breakfast to dinner, a kitchen stocked with smart kitchen tools will have everyone feeling better about their food choices.

Kitchen tools that promote healthy eating choices, photo by Cristine Struble

Here are FoodSided’s five kitchen tools that can help promote healthy eating choices.


Who doesn’t have a blender? Still, a better blender can make a huge difference in better eating choices. From super sharp blades to powerful motors, choosing the right blender for your lifestyle is key. Granted price can influence which blender arrives on your kitchen counter, investing in a better blender can be a wise choice. No one wants to spend $40 on a blender only to replace it every year. Spending $200 might be a better long-run decision.


When choosing a blender, consider what you will be using the blender for. If you’re only interested in smoothies, you may not need a $500 blender. But, if you want to make your own nut butters, that professional grade blender needs to be considered.

A professional blender has many bells and whistles, but it comes with a hefty price tag. Still, the investment can be worth the cost. For example, the Blendtec or a Vitamix blender can chop, puree, and even make hot soup at the press of a button. It even can wash itself. Maybe if you make the investment, there is an incentive to continue smart eating choices.


A quick look at Pinterest and Instapot recipes are everywhere. The popular kitchen gadget has a legions of followers. The idea of a quick, easy dinner in a relatively short amount of time appeals to many home cooks.


Truthfully, the Instapot is really a pressure cooker. Similar to the pressure cookers that you see on your favorite cooking shows, this type of kitchen tool lessens the cooking time for a particular recipe. While old school pressure cookers can be intimidating and hard to use, the Instapot simplifies the process.

With a programmable system, the Instapot walks the user through the process. By cooking foods up to 70% faster, food is on the table in a fraction of the time. Plus, the kitchen tool learns the user’s cooking habits to streamline the process.

From the novice cook to the seasoned home chef, the Instapot could be the answer to healthy, home cooking. Convenience never tasted so good.

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Vegetable spiralizer

Vegetable noodles have become a kitchen staple. Even though people crave a comforting bowl of pasta, that food choice may not be the best option for healthier eating. Vegetable noodles have become a welcome alternative.

Vegetable spiralizers are kitchen gadgets for any experience level cook. With a few twists, a favorite vegetable transforms into oodles of noodles. Companies like OXO, Microplane and even KitchenAid all have vegetable spiralizers in their collections.

Choosing the right vegetable spiralizer depends on your level of cooking comfort and use. Like all types of kitchen gadgets, price levels vary. But, that price reflects the quality of the tool. Look for a reputable brand name and you can’t go wrong. Soon, you’ll be eating vegetable noodles throughout the week and not feeling guilt about that bowl of pasta.


Everyone knows that drinking more water is a smart health choice. But, curbing the soda craving can be hard. From the sweet flavors to the carbonation, plain water can seem like a boring alternative. Luckily, SodaStream can eliminate the boredom factor.

SodaStream is a simple kitchen device that turns regular water into a carbonated beverage. Whether you prefer simple, plain carbonated water or flavored seltzer, the Soda Stream can do either. Simply push a button and choose the preferred carbonation level.

That carbonated water can be transformed into a fruit infused delicious beverage. From whole pieces of fruit to all natural syrups, everyone can be inclined to drink more water when it tastes good. Those eight glasses of water a day will be a pleasure to drink.

Better food storage containers

No one wants to waste food. There is nothing worse than buying fruits and vegetables for them to spoil in the refrigerator. Using better food storage containers can keep those fruits and vegetables fresher longer.

Several companies make better food storage containers that keep food fresh longer. For example, Rubbermaid’s FreshWorks storage containers can keep produce fresher longer than the traditional produce packaging. Also, Geoffrey Zakarian’s food storage system uses tips and tricks from the professional restaurant kitchen.

Don’t waste money by throwing away spoiled produce. The right food storage containers can ensure that fresh produce is ready when hunger strikes.

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