Valentine’s Day just got sweeter: Sweet ReTREAT candy influenced pampering


Why choose a spa day or candy as a Valentine’s Day celebration? At the Sweet ReTREAT, the celebration has both.

What does your valentine want for Valentine’s Day? According to a Mars Wrigley Confectionery survey, “sweet treats are a go-to gift for friends and family members.” But, what if you think that a spa day is the perfect gift for the day of romance? Mars Wrigley Confectionery is combining sweet treats and a day of pampering with the Sweet ReTREAT.

Sweet ReTREAT spa will be the “first ever chocolate and candy-inspired pop-up salon.” Set to open on February 13 and 14, this pop-up salon combines favorite spa treatments with favorite Mars Wrigley Confectionery products. What better way to indulgence your Valentine than with candy and a spa day.

photo by Cristine Struble

According to Mars Wrigley Confectionery, Sweet ReTREAT will feature the following services:

"• The Candy Counter Makeup Bar: Inspired makeup trends by Mars’ chocolate delights: Dove®, M&M’S®, TWIX®, SNICKERS® and more.• The Signature Manicure or Pedicure: Candy shell lacquers inspired by “tasting the rainbow” of Skittles® and the “unexplainably juicy” Starburst®.• The SNICKERS Pedi: Let us satisfy those tired feet with a soak for sore muscles, signature scrub and indulge in a SNICKERS® while you’re at it.• The Blowout and Touch-Up Bar: Infused mint blow-outs inspired by the essence of minty favorites like Altoids® and Extra®.• The Mars Wrigley Lounge: While you wait for your or your plus one’s appointment, kick back, indulge and relax – sink into our couches for a mini massage or relaxing meditation. Treat yourself to our candy beverage bar, compliments of Mars Wrigley Confectionery products and inspired by our favorite flavors from mint to chocolate to fruity fun."

Looking at these spa treatments, the most exciting ones are the SNICKERS Pedi and the Blowout Bar. First, who doesn’t love a good pedicure? Especially during the long, winter months, a relaxing pedicure is a great way to unwind.

Hopefully, this SNICKERS Pedi has some chocolate infusion into the experience. Sure, eating a SNICKERS is enjoyable, but what about a chocolate foot scrub. Or, what about a caramel scented lotion? There are many options to infuse the SNICKERS aromas into the pedicure experience.

The mint infused blow-outs sound fun too. Who doesn’t want to look their best around Valentine’s Day? Mint can be an invigorating scent. It is said to help alertness, reduce anxiety and assist memory. Hopefully, the scent helps to make this special candy-influenced Valentine’s Day pop-up spa be a memorable one.

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Would you want your Valentine to book a Sweet ReTREAT appointment for you? Appointments can be made via

Personally, a candy or chocolate infused cocktail would be my preference this year. Don’t get me wrong, a spa day with a candy bar is great. But, a SNICKERS martini with my pedicure would make it even better.