Super Bowl foods: 5 Best foods to serve Patriots fans


If your Super Bowl party guests are hoping for another Patriot’s Super Bowl victory, these Super Bowl foods will keep them happy all night long.

Super Bowl parties are just as much about the food as it is about the game and the commercials. If you know that your Super Bowl party will primarily have Patriots fans, why not cater the Super Bowl foods to New England favorite foods.

A few foods, flavors and dishes are classic to the New England area. There are enough food ideas that can fit any cooking level and every budget. So put away the bag of potato chips and be a little more creative this year.

Here are 5 best foods for Patriot fans to have a New England themed Super Bowl party.

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Before everyone balks at the idea that lobster will be too expensive for a Super Bowl party, no one has to serve all his guests full lobster tails. Lobster rolls or even a lobster dip can incorporate the lobster theme without breaking the bank.

Lobster is sweet and succulent. Lobster rolls are a great way to serve this New England favorite food. Balance chunks of lobster with a creamy sauce. Don’t forget to choose the roll carefully. The right bread can make or break a good lobster roll.

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Clam Chowder

Lots of people serve chili at a Super Bowl party. Why not take a different twist on food in a bowl. Clam chowder recipes go back to the 1750s. If a recipe can stand that test of time, there must be a reason why many people like it.

A good clam chowder can be hearty and filling. Plus, the chowder can stay warm on the stove, which means the host doesn’t have to be stuck in the kitchen. Serve the chowder with a crusty bread to round out the halftime meal.

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The tart, juicy fruit isn’t just for Thanksgiving. Cranberries can be used in sweet and savory meals. Add some cranberries to a cheese plate or toss some into a salad (yes, a salad is acceptable at a Super Bowl party).

Of course, cranberries are delicious in baked goods. Bake some cranberry bread, muffins or cookies to serve as a second half dessert. Remember that cranberries pair well with other fruits. Fruit in a dessert makes everyone feel less guilty about eating a second helping.

Baked beans

Before anyone makes jokes about beans, baked beans are a classic Boston dish. Since many people enjoy baked beans with sliders, barbecue and other dishes, this choice is an easy one for Super Bowl party hosts.

Also, baked beans are an easy item to keep warm in a crock pot. Simply set the crock pot on low and leave it on the serving table. (No, it won’t explode.) Just make sure that you have a spoon rest or plate for the serving spoon.

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Maple sugar

Maple syrup is plentiful in New England. The maple sap, turned into maple sugar, is a golden, sugary delight. While you may not be serving pancakes, maple sugar and maple syrup can be used in and on many other foods.

One amazing way to use maple syrup is on bacon or pork belly. Coat the pork in the syrup and slowly braise. The sugar adds a sweet, luscious coating to the salty bacon. It is a delicious bite. Maple syrup can be used in so many different ways beyond just the sweets table.

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These five Super Bowl foods are just a few suggestions to serve the Patriots fans on Super Bowl Sunday. Do you have a food plan for the big game? Share what you’re serving in the comments section or tag us in your pictures using #FoodSided.