Bagel emoji just in time for National Bagel Day


If pies have an emoji, why isn’t there a bagel emoji? Thomas’ Bagels has launched a bagel emoji just in time for National Bagel Day.

February 9 is National Bagel Day. How can anyone celebrate this food holiday when there wasn’t a bagel emoji? Luckily Thomas’ Bagels has solved the problem just in time for this year’s celebration. The Thomas’ Emoji Keyboard will bring the bagel emoji to everyone’s phones.

Thomas’ Bagels launches the Thomas’ Emoji Keyboard in celebration of National Bagel Day on February 9. (PRNewsfoto/Bimbo Bakeries USA)

With so many emojis available, it seemed unlikely that there was no bagel emoji. “According to the blog Emojipedia, the bagel was one of the most requested emojis in 2017.” It took Thomas’ Bagels to come up a solution to this problem.

Whether the day starts with a bagel and a smear or lunch is a breakfast sandwich on a bagel, the choices are many. Now, everyone can share their hole-ly favorites bagel flavors, creations and bagel-goodness with everyone. The keyboard features various flavored bagels, phrases and even some popular food trends.

Thomas’ introduces new, Nooks and Crannies Bagels. (PRNewsfoto/Bimbo Bakeries USA)

While the emoji keyboard is fun, the best part of the National Bagel Day celebration the new Thomas’ Nooks and Crannies Bagel. Everyone loves Thomas’ English Muffins with its nooks and crannies that absorb all the butter, jelly and other toppings. Now, fans can get the chewiness of a bagel with the nooks and crannies of the English muffin.

Just think of the tasty combinations that these new bagels present. That everything bagel breakfast sandwich can become even more flavorful. Whether it is the runny egg yolk or tangy cream cheese, the nooks and crannies can absorb all that goodness. The Thomas’ Nooks and Crannies Bagel can become a delicious new addition to the bakery aisle. The new offering will become available at selection locations throughout the year.

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Will you be celebrating National Bagel Day? Why not share an Instagram post with a bagel emoji and a picture of that new Thomas’ Nooks and Crannies bagel. Who’s hungry now?