Winter Olympics fever: Great ways to celebrate Team USA


As the Olympic athletes ready themselves for competition, Team USA supporters getting ready too. Winter Olympics fever is growing with some amazing celebrations.

Since the Winter Olympics only happens every four years, Winter Olympics fever is everywhere. From the snack aisle to local restaurants, everyone is ready to cheer for their favorite athlete, sport or country.

Even the lesser known sports, like curling, are thrust into the spotlight. Cheetos has already announced for their support for Team USA Curling. Other food companies have pledged their support of Team USA athletes. But, the grocery store isn’t the only way to support Team USA.

Winter Olympics fever: Great ways to celebrate Team USA, Tuscany on Taylor cocktails, photo provided by PaperGirl PR

Red, white and blue cocktails

What better way to toast Team USA than with red, white and blue cocktails. Many cocktails can fall into this theme. Even an obligatory glass of red wine can be used to cheer Team USA.

Tuscany on Taylor will be mixing up red and blue Team USA martinis. According to the restaurant, the red Team USA red martini “features Ketel One Vodka, Aperol and cranberry juice, and the blue martini includes Ketel One Orange Vodka, Island Blue Schnapps and an orange slice, served in a sugar rimmed martini glass.” All the Winter Olympics coverage will be featured on several screens.

Torched Rum Cocktail, Weber Grill, photo provided by Papergirl PR

Light the flame with an Opening Ceremonies cocktail

The Winter Olympics Opening Ceremonies are filled with pageantry. The ceremony’s big moment is the lighting of the Olympic flame. Weber Grill is serving a Torched Rum Cocktail. This special “warm spiced cocktail features mulled pineapple juice (with allspice berries, black peppercorns, whole cloves and vanilla beans), Cruzan rum, and chocolate bitters, and is garnished with an orange peel and cloves.” Are you ready to get into the Olympic spirit?

Winter Olympics fever: Great ways to celebrate Team USA, Kimcheesy Rice Balls, MAK, photo provided by PaperGirl PR

Taste the Korean flavors

Korean food is extremely flavorful. Why not try some Korean favorites in honor of the Olympic Games. MAK will offer chef/owner Jeff Wang’s popular rice balls. These rice balls feature kimchi. The Kimcheesy Rice balls “made with cheddar jack cheese, house made kimchi, and scallions, then topped with jalapeno sriracha mayo and cilantro.” One bite and you can feel like you are part of the South Korean experience.

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These fun Winter Olympics themed food celebrations are just a few examples of the Olympic Games fever. What will you be eating this during the Games?