Heart-themed kitchen tools: Feel the love all year round


Red and hearts aren’t just for Valentine’s Day. Heart-themed kitchen tools put the love in your cooking all year round.

While the phrase home is where the heart is, the kitchen is often the soul of the home. Even if the home isn’t preparing gourmet meals, the kitchen often produces food from the heart. Why not let the kitchen tools spread the love.

Heart-themed kitchen tools: Feel the love all year round, Le Creuset Petite Heart Cocotte,

Heart-themed kitchen tools and gadgets add a little flair to any kitchen. The touches don’t have to be overt. A subtle heart design or embellishment can showcase the love of food and cooking. These designs can be fun and flirty while not offending the men in the house.

Ayesha Curry stoneware, photo provided by Meyer

The Ayesha Curry line from Meyer adds Curry’s signature heart design to many of its pieces. For example, the stoneware line has a delicate heart pattern around the base of each dish. Also, the pull knob is shaped like a heart.

This subtle nod to the heart is pretty yet not over obvious. The man of the house isn’t going to refuse to use the stoneware because of the hearts. Truthfully, the heart embellishment is a simple reminder to cook from the heart and to cook with love. Two keys to any successful meal.

Tovolo heart shaped ice molds, photo provided by Tovolo

For a very obvious heart-shaped addition to the kitchen, Le Creuset offers a heart shaped cocotte. Available in red, white and rose, these single serving dishes are perfect for both romantic celebrations and any day use. The enameled cast iron is extremely durable and versatile. From oven to table, these Le Creuset cocottes will become a favorite.

The stove isn’t the only way to showcase heart-themed kitchen tools. The home mixologist can add some hearts to its cocktails. Tovolo offers a heart shaped ice mold. The ice mold has hearts linked together. Available in a short and long version, this pretty heart ice mold adds a touch of love to any cocktail.

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Let the romantic, loving side shine in the home kitchen. These heart-themed kitchen tools prove that the kitchen is where the heart is.