Celebrate the Year of the Dog with these Chinese New Year foods


As the Year of the Dog celebrations begin, these Chinese New Year foods can bring many blessing to the family’s table.

During the middle of February, many people celebrate the Chinese New Year. 2018 celebrates the Year of the Dog. Chinese New Year foods often fill the table in hopes of bringing many blessings for the year to come. What foods are often found on the Chinese New Year table?
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Many Chinese New Year celebrations include vegetables. Vegetables denote that spring is coming. As people become more adventurous in their food choices and cooking, Chinese vegetables are more available. Whether eaten on its own or incorporated into a recipes, these ingredients are flavorful.

Here are a few Chinese New Year foods to try when celebrating the Year of the Dog.

Bok Choy: This Chinese cabbage has lots of Vitamin A and C. Often seen in stir fry and soups, many people have eaten this Chinese vegetable. Even when stir fried, the bok choy retains its crisp texture. With a slight hint of spice with subtle sweet notes, the bok choy works well in many types of dishes.

Chinese long beans: While these beans look like a common green bean, they have a different texture. Unlike a traditional green bean, Chinese long beans are better fried or stir fried. Boiling or steaming is not a good choice because the Chinese long bean loses its texture. Throw a few of these vegetables into stir fry for a different flavor choice.

Chinese eggplant: Actually a fruit, Chinese eggplant is a little sweet and absorbs a lot of flavor. Many people eat Chinese eggplant because of its antioxidant benefits. With minimal or no seeds, the Chinese eggplant can be cooked in a variety of ways. From baking to grilled to fried, Chinese eggplant can served in different ways every day of the week.

Ginger root: While this root can have an unusual shape, ginger is used in all types of Chinese dishes. Easily peeled with the back of a spoon, ginger has intense, spicy flavor. Finding the right balance with ginger is key to its success in a dish. Since it can help to aid digestion, adding a little to a dish can be a smart choice.

Kumquat: One of the most popular Chinese New Year foods is the kumquat. The fruit is considered a symbol of prosperity. Sometimes given as gifts, the bright orange, small fruit is both tart and sweet. The only down side to a kumquat is its many seeds, but it can be eaten skin and all.

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Are you celebrating Chinese New Year? What Chinese New Year foods do you serve?