Incredible because: US Olympian Laurie Hernandez talks protein packed meals


What makes a person incredible? US Olympian Laurie Hernandez shares her thoughts on protein packed meals and incredible kids.

Laurie Hernandez is a highly regarded Olympian, gymnast and athlete. US Olympians and elite athletes understand the importance of protein packed meals. Protein can fuel a workout or help recover after a hard training session. Eggs, in their various forms, can provide a flavorful and easy protein packed meal. Recently, FoodSided had the opportunity to chat with Hernandez on some of her favorite egg meals and how kids are incredible because.

Laurie Hernandez for the American Egg Board, Courtesy Dave Kotinsky/Getty Images for American Egg Board

Laurie Hernandez is working with the American Egg Board its current campaign, Incredible Because. The campaign seeks to highly kids who are incredible in their daily lives. From the child who wants to make a difference in her community to the team player with good sportsmanship, kids today are proving that they are rather incredible. As part of this campaign, I spoke to Hernandez about her own incredible attributes and how protein packed meals help her training for the 2020 Olympics.

Athletes need to fuel their bodies to keep them performing at the optimum level. Since Hernandez is training for the 2020 Olympics, we talked about some favorite protein packed meals that help her stay at her best during training. Finding meals that balance both protein and carbs can help fuel her training. Eggs are one of her go-to foods.

While meals vary depending on pre or post workouts, one of her go-to protein packed food is an eggpop. Since I had never heard of this snack before, I was definitely curious. Simply stated, an eggpop is a hard-boiled egg on a stick.

Eggpops are a nutritious twist on the popular cake pop. This egg snack can be transformed in many ways to avoid monotony. For example, the stick can be a pretzel, carrot or piece of celery. The hard-boiled egg can be dipped in hummus or guacamole. Also, various spices can be added for a flavor punch. Basically, the eggpop can be served in so many combinations that a different one could be served every day for weeks.

(Photo by Dave Kotinsky/Getty Images for American Egg Board)

In addition to the eggpops, Hernandez said that she enjoys scrambled eggs with avocado. This dish is one that her mom would make for her. Although she may not be the best cook (Hernandez admitted to burning bread and not being able to boil water correctly once), she does like to cook with her mom. When cooking with her mom, they have both favorite family recipes and new creative ones. The time in the kitchen can be a great time to spend with family.

Even though she eats protein rich meals and healthy foods, Hernandez does occasionally splurge. She shared a story about her and her mom after a particularly difficult competition. While the results weren’t what she had hoped, her mom said that they were going out for a celebratory meal after the event. That time around the table was a celebration of the hard work and dedication to a sport. A meal or food can be the catalyst to celebrate and bring people together.

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With the current American Egg Board campaign, Incredible Because, I asked Hernandez what adjectives could describe some incredible kids. She commented that incredible kids embrace who they are. From their ambition that drives them to achieve or their willingness to be themselves, incredible kids are all around us. Kids that explore their creativity and seek to do more are definitely incredible because they embrace their own unique personalities.

While many people would say that Hernandez is incredible for her athletic achievements, she mentioned that people always respected her demeanor in competitions. Having good sportsmanship and supporting fellow competitors are characteristics that make her an incredible person in my eyes. Those characteristics and her positive attitude makes Hernandez an incredible role model for kids and athletes.

As Hernandez continues to train for the 2020 Olympics, I asked if she feels pressure to make the US Olympic team. She mentioned that there is a balance between both pressure and no pressure. Having competed, she knows what to expect. At the same time, she wants to return which has some added expectations. Competing in the 2020 Olympics would be another incredible experience.

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Do you know an incredible kid? From kids who have made a difference in their community to kids who have overcome incredible odds, nominate a child who is incredible because to the American Egg Board. Who knows, maybe one of those kids will have an incredible story to tell, like US Olympian Laurie Hernandez.