EVERY Egg takes the classic omelet in a totally new direction

EVERY Egg Omelet served at Eleven Madison Park, Image courtesy of The EVERY Co.
EVERY Egg Omelet served at Eleven Madison Park, Image courtesy of The EVERY Co. /

The food world continually evolves beyond the harvest reaped from the ground. Technology influences not only how food is prepared but also how it arrives at the table. Restaurants and professional chefs are often the first to adopt these changes. With the EVERY Egg debut, the food may be technologically driven, but it is the taste that has people curious to learn more.

EVERY Egg is a new product that takes the chicken versus egg metaphoric adjective off the table. There is technically no physical egg or chicken. By using precision yeast fermentation, the company is able to create a liquid egg product. According to a request for clarification, “EVERY has isolated the ovalbumin egg white protein” which is replicated through the fermentation.

While the science might not be the easiest concept to understand, one notion is clear. This “egg” is not plant based or other substitute. It is actual egg protein.

We’ve worked tirelessly to create a product that meets the absolute highest standards of the world’s top chefs,” said Lance Lively, General Manager at EVERY. “We looked at every feature and functionality of our egg and worked to perfect it. We’re honored to introduce EVERY Egg to the world in spectacular fashion at Eleven Madison Park, where Chef Humm and his team have cultivated a bespoke menu that showcases the quality and culinary versatility of EVERY Egg in every course. Each dish is a consummate work of art.”

As EVERY Co-Founder and CEO Arturo Elizondo said, “By decoupling the egg from the chicken, EVERY Egg is going to change the way we think about one of the most ubiquitous foods on the planet.”

EVERY Egg Omelet served at Eleven Madison Park
EVERY Egg Omelet served at Eleven Madison Park, Image courtesy of The EVERY Co. /

The product made its debut at Eleven Madison Park. Celebrated Chef Daniel Humm commented, “Eggs are a universal staple in every kitchen, and this is the first time we’ve crafted an event menu around a novel food product. When we prepared an omelet using EVERY Egg, the taste and versatility was all but indistinguishable from hen eggs.”

While people will parse the flavor, texture, and uses for this product, it opens the door to a bigger conversation beyond the taste and versatility. Some people turned to plant-based food options for environmental concerns. Although they do have appeal, it is not the only path. Using science to create food is a topic that deserves a place at the table.

Substantiality within the food industry is a topic that cannot be overlooked. It is more than consumers working to avoid abundant food waste. The reality is how food is produced and why changes the conversation immensely. Even though no one wants to wipe out an entire industry, appreciating the hows and why scientifically created food can be part of the conversation is important.

While EVERY Egg has “eight grams of protein per serving and has zero cholesterol, saturated fat, or artificial flavors,” people have to appreciate the flavor, texture, and versatility of the product. Initially available to the foodservice and restaurants, people will have to warm to the concept. If the taste is familiar, it might be an easier adoption than plant-based egg products which have a distinctive flavor.

For now, EVERY Egg is cracking the code on a scientific on the first eggs made without chickens. It might be the first, but it may not be the last.

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