Just Crack an Egg, flavorful egg scramble breakfast made easy


Want an egg scramble breakfast but have limited time? Just Crack An Egg puts a flavor, easy egg breakfast in your hands in just minutes.

While everyone knows that breakfast is important, busy schedules can make a traditional egg breakfast inconvenient. With Just Crack An Egg, a hot, tasty egg scramble goes from refrigerator to done in just a matter of minutes. All you have to do, it just crack an egg.

Mornings can be chaotic. Sometimes breakfast involves grabbing a protein bar, a piece of fruit or some other pre-packaged, convenient choice. While convenient, the ease can come with flavor boredom. What is there was another option?

Just Crack An Egg is a simple concept. It takes the idea of an egg scramble and eliminates the prep work. The cup contains prepped, measured Oscar Mayer meat, Kraft Natural Cheese, Ore-Ida potatoes and diced vegetables.

Basically, the consumer combined the packaged ingredients into the container and adds her own cracked egg. In about 70 seconds, a hot, tasty breakfast is served. In some ways, it takes longer to brew a cup of coffee.

According to Matt Riezman, Associate Director of Marking For Just Crack An Egg, “consumers are demanding more of their breakfast. We know that people are looking for something that’s easy to prepare but also satisfies their personal breakfast desires.”

This breakfast food delivers. From convenience to taste, the egg scramble has become a top choice for many families, including my own. There is nothing better than telling your kids to make a hot breakfast and not worry about hot stoves, sharp knives and dirty dishes. Basically these egg scrambles are a busy mom’s dream.

Recently, the brand launched three new varieties to its line. These flavors are Veggie, Protein Packed and Southwest Style. The new flavors joins the popular choices of Denver Scramble, All-American Scramble, Ultimate Scramble and Rustic Scramble.

Although I have always been partial to the Denver Scramble, the new Veggie caught my interest. I am always looking for ways to add more vegetables to my family’s eating plan. A egg scramble is an easy way to boost veggies.

The Veggie flavor includes broccoli, mushrooms, onions, red peppers, sharp white cheddar and mild cheddar cheese. With the double cheese, my kids didn’t even mind broccoli in their breakfast.

Still, the new Southwest Style was the favorite with the family. The addition of jalapenos added a burst of flavor without becoming too spicy. It was just the right flavor combination to kick start the day.

The new flavors of Just Crack an Egg will join the other flavors in the egg section of retailers nationwide. The suggested retail price is $2.49.

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Are you ready for a hot, convenient breakfast to start your day? Just Crack an Egg and get a forkful of flavorful, fresh eggs to start your day.