Elevate your coffee with Reddi-wip’s new Barista Series


Your coffee just got a serious upgrade. The new Reddi-wip’s new Barista Series changes your home coffee experience for the better.

Have you seen the new Reddi-wip’s new Barista Series? Reddi-wip has been a leader in the refrigerated whipped topping category. This expansion into coffee creamers offers an exciting change for the brand. Now anyone can have the coffeehouse experience directly from their own kitchen.

Did you know that according to the National Coffee Association, 80% of coffee drinkers make their beverages at home? Given the long waits at coffee stores and the numerous new coffee offerings at restaurants, that number is astonishing.

Still, making coffee at home does have its advantages. From cost savings to customization, grabbing that to-go mug on the way to work can be a smart choice.

Given the large at-home coffee market, companies are looking to elevate that coffee experience. While that stop at the coffee-house might be an occasional experience, consumers do want that flavor, experience and variety. The new Barista Series appeals to that consumer.

The new Barista Series has two items in the line, Nitro Creamer and Sweet Foam. Both offerings seek to replicate the coffeehouse experience in flavor but at a more cost friendly alternative. Additionally, since consumers are making their coffees to order, they can customize that coffee experience better.

Many people have used tradition Reddi-wip in their coffee. As a topping to a mocha or just an alternative to creamer, that whipped topping is a popular choice. By creating products that are specifically designed for coffees and beverages, Reddi-wip is listening to what consumers want and need.

Reddi-wip Nitro Creamer, photo provided by Conagra

As a dairy based creamer, the flavor is different from other coffee creamers. With only 40 or 45 calories, these creamers won’t turn that coffee beverage into a sugar bomb. Still, each creamer does offer a flavorful experience.

Nitro beverages have become extremely popular. In the case of the Nitro Creamer, the flavor is rich. As the creamer slowly incorporates into the beverage, the velvety texture adds a fullness to the drink.

For coffee drinkers who prefer cream on the top of their beverage, the Sweet Foam would be the preferred option. The sweet flavor comes through with each sip. While enjoyable on its own, the Sweet Foam can be combined with the Nitro Creamer, latte or other coffee beverage.

While many people will use the Nitro Creamer or Sweet Foam in coffee, these option could be delightful in other uses as well. From changing an orange soda into a creamsicle to a topping for a favorite cocktail, these creamers have a variety of uses.

Reddi-wip’s new Barista Series will be rolling out into store shelves this month. The suggested retail price is $3.99.

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Will you be searching for Reddi-wip’s new Barista Series? What beverage would you put it in?