Coffee wars: Consumers benefit from new coffee deals


Have you noticed there are coffee wars brewing? From new reward platforms to subscription services, your next coffee purchase has more benefits.

Coffee wars seem to be the hottest beverage trend these days. Day after day, brands are looking to capture the coveted coffee drinker. Why is the coffee market such a big commodity?

It seems that almost every day there is a new announcement about coffee. From Burger King announcing a $5 monthly coffee subscription service to Starbucks redesigning its star rewards program, company after company wants to capture that coffee customer. While the coffee beverage segment continues to grow, do these special deals and rewards programs entice the consumer?

While deals, rewards programs and apps are constantly expanding, these offers appeal to the convenience that a consumer craves. Today, people want to push a button and have their favorite beverage ready and waiting for them. Although these purchases are somewhat mindless buying, it is the optimal convenience purchase.

When it comes to coffee, that beverage purchase is part ritual. Some people must have, must order the same beverage every day. Without that daily caffeine fix, their day will never be quite right. By making these purchases easier, more convenient, almost automatic, brands are ensuring that they maintain their brand loyalty.

Sometimes convenience will trump taste. Anyone who has tasted small batch, pour over coffee knows that this coffee beverage differs from the single-serve, pod variety coffee. But, the push a button and go option for the morning travel mug is a necessity. Again, convenience wins.

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When it comes to the coffee wars, brands are looking to capture that convenience factor while still delivering a quality product. Fast food companies, like Hardee’s and Burger King have expanded their coffee options. 7-Eleven offers all types of beverages, a like new Chai Latte. Basically, brands want to become that easy, go to destination.

Each brand wants to find a way to capture that coffee dollar. The staple beverage is a big money maker for companies. Think about a typical Starbucks purchase. Can you spend under $2.50; it is doubtful. If you made that coffee beverage at home, the cost would be much less. Still, the convenience of someone else making it has value.

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Are the coffee wars just beginning? The simple answer is yes.

As long as the coffee market continues to expand and consumers want convenience, these promotions, reward programs and special offerings will continue to grow. Hopefully, the focus on quality keeps the same pace as the enticements.