Chicago hotspots celebrate Negroni Week with creative Negroni cocktails


Love Negroni cocktails? These Chicago hotspots are celebrating Negroni Week with some creative twists on the classic cocktails. Who’s ready to raise a glass?

Negroni cocktails are a classic cocktail that people are rediscovering. Negroni Week celebrates this cocktail. This cocktail gets its color and flavor from Aperol or Campari. The Italian liquor adds a bold, yet refreshing flavor.

While the traditional recipes are always good, mixologists are finding new, creative ways to transform this classic cocktail. More importantly, these cocktails raise funds for some Chicago charities. Are you ready to raise a glass or two?

Chicago hotspots celebrate Negroni Week with creative Negroni cocktails, SideDoor Smoked Negroni, photo provided by SideDoor

SideDoor: Smoked Negroni

Smoked cocktails are popping up at various restaurants. The smoke flavor adds layers of flavor to a cocktail. A SideDoor, this Smoked Negroni cocktail gets a big punch of flavor from its smoked ice cube. Made in house, the ice cube slowly infuses the flavor into the cocktail as you sip. For this cocktail, SideDoor uses FEW Barrel Aged Gin, Aperol, and Punt e Mes to create a bright, citrus forward cocktail. Proceeds will benefit the Lynn Sage Foundation.

Mercat a la Planxa: Spanish Negroni

The award winning Spanish restaurant offers a Spanish twist on the Negroni. This cocktail uses Campari and candied orange peel. The slightly sweet, yet still refreshing cocktail makes it the perfect aperitif to a big plate of paella. Proceeds will benefit No Kid Hungry.

Travelle: Hennessy XO Negroni

At Travelle, this version of the Negroni gets a big boost of flavor from Hennessy XO Cognac. The addition of the Campari Foam is a creative twist for this cocktail. Foam is always a fun accent to any cocktail. Proceeds will benefit the James Beard Foundation

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  • Cindy’s: Negroni de Pierre

    Cindy’s version of the Negroni is quite floral. With flower garnishes and even orange flower water, this cocktail is bursting with bright, herbal flavors. It is the perfect cocktail to sip on the outdoor patio and gaze on Lake Michigan. Proceeds will benefit CORE.

    Torali Italian – Steak: l’aristocratico

    For the high rollers and big spenders, this $100 Negroni cocktail is impressive. The cocktail features Nolet’s The Reserve. Are you ready to sip on a $100 cocktail? Proceeds will benefit CORE.

    The Gwen: Red Light Negroni

    Are you ready to put the red light in your cocktail glass? The Red Light Negroni at The Gwen references the Blos Genever hometown of Amsterdam. Served in a lightbulb glass, this cocktail is definitely an Instagram moment. Proceeds will benefit Shatterproof.

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    Don’t miss your chance to celebrate Negroni Week. If you can’t make it to these Chicago hotspots, mix up some Negroni cocktails at home.