Incredibles smoothies jumpstart the day with superhero inspired nutrition


Jumpstart the day with Incredibles smoothies that are packed with fruits and bursting with flavors. Who’s ready to power through the day?

What’s a quick, delicious and nutrition-packed way to start the day? Incredibles smoothies are a great way to get a big boost of nutrition in a quick, easy drink. While the Parr family from the Incredibles 2 might have superhero powers, the normal family can get some super nutrition from a fruit packed smoothie. Who’s ready to get blending?

Families understand the importance of eating more fruits, vegetables and even protein. Finding easy yet delicious ways to get the youngest family members to enjoy nutritious meals doesn’t have to require super powers. With a few tricks, the whole family can boost their nutrition yet not feel like they are being deprived.

Incredibles smoothies photo provided by Dole

A smoothie is a great way to start the day. Kids especially love to drink their fruits. Parents appreciate that these drinks are nutritious yet the kids actually want to drink them. Overall, it is win for everyone.

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In honor of the Incredibles 2, the popular Disney Pixar movie, Incredibles smoothies recipes are taking over families’ breakfast time. Three of these recipes have become favorites in my family. The recipes are easy, flavorful and a hit with the whole family.

Orange juice has been a popular morning beverage with my kids. But, just a glass of juice could have more nutritional benefit. Dole’s Orange Super Smoothie offers that orange flavor that my kids love with more fruit packed into each sip. Combining bananas, oranges and Greek yogurt, one glass is packed full of nutrients. Plus, with a dash of cinnamon and nutmeg, the kids think that they are getting a fun treat in the morning.

Incredibles smoothies photo provided by Dole

Berries are always a great nutritious choice. In Dole’s Power-Pop Breakfast Smoothie, the recipe combines raspberries, strawberries and bananas into this sweet, yet satisfying breakfast beverage. Since my family enjoys pecans, the roasted nuts offer a robust flavor to this recipe. I would suggest roasting a bunch of pecans over the weekend to save time in the morning. Or, in pinch, just buy some roasted pecans.

Lastly, the American Egg Board has created a smoothie too. Based on Frozone, this frozen drink can definitely help you find your super suit. The Frozone’s Frozen Blueberry Smoothie adds a big boost of protein from EGG powder. Also, if you aren’t a fan of blueberries, you can substitute other berries, too. Personally, I have done a berry blend with this drink and the kids loved it.

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Whether your family serves up Incredibles smoothies or your own special recipe, a smoothie is a great way to get a boost of fruits and nutrition to your morning routine. Who’s got the blender ready?