Giuliana Rancic flexes her mom superpowers to encourage better eating


Giuliana Rancic is a busy parent, just like everyone else. Still, she flexes her mom superpowers and gets her family involved with better eating.

Being a parent is like being a super hero. Giuliana Rancic is a mom to Duke and a wife to Bill Rancic. The very successful business woman and television personality understands that eating better is a family initiative. From cooking together to making food fun, moms have the opportunity to build a strong foundation for their families. It might seem like a superhero like power, but it is doable by anyone.

Recently, Rancic joined forces with the American Egg Board on its Incredibles 2 themed recipe initiative. This program created superhero recipes based on the Incredibles characters. From the Parr Family to Edna Mode, these beloved characters served as inspiration behind some incredible egg recipes.

As part of this initiative, Rancic sat down with FoodSided to talk about cooking with her son Duke, creative egg recipes and future projects on her plate. Below are our impressions from that conversation.

Guiliana Rancic flexes her mom superpowers to encourage better eating, photo by Bill Rancic

As a mom to 6-year old son Duke, Rancic understands that kids may not be the most adventurous eaters. Even though Rancic and her husband are restaurateurs, a child may not be jumping to the most creative dish on a menu. Rancic has found that involving her son in cooking has helped to get him more interested in trying different foods.

For example, Rancic mentioned that she recently purchased an apron and chef’s hat for Duke. Those items helped her son feel more involved in the cooking process. Even if it is just being around the process, children are more invested in the food that is on their plate. That process can encourage them to eat more, and hopefully eat better.

In her family, Rancic did, and still does, cook as a family. Whether it is Duke in the kitchen helping with eggs for breakfast or recalling traditional Italian recipes from her family, that time in the kitchen is valuable family time. Of course, families are very busy, but that time together is extremely valuable.

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Like other busy parents, Rancic understands the importance of good nutrition for a family. Her son Duke loves hard boiled eggs. Eggs are a great nutritional source, especially for protein. When a child enjoys one type of food, it can be easier to try similar recipes based on that favorite food.

For example, since her son likes eggs, she suggested expanding eggs beyond the breakfast table. In Italian cuisine, pasta carbona is a classic recipe. Kids who like eggs could be open to trying this dish. But, for the mom who wants to increase the nutritional value, adding vegetables or whole wheat pasta can be an important substitute.

Looking at the Incredibles 2 themed egg recipes, these recipes work well with the ideas that Rancic proposes. The recipes are family friendly and nutritionally dense. Plus, the themes are fun. Who wouldn’t want to eat like a superhero?

As a partner in this initiative, Rancic suggested making cooking and food visually fun for kids. If the superhero themed recipe didn’t entice kids, the visuals from these recipes will. From vanishing raviolis to avante garde eggs, these dishes are almost as entertaining as the movie and its character.

Since variety is great for families, everyone can take the Incredibles 2 quiz on the Incredible Egg website to determine which Incredibles recipe fits her personality. Rancic mentioned that her recommended recipe for her personality was Edna Mode’s Avante Garde Eggs. The cloud of eggs is such a cool visual, yet easy to make. What family wouldn’t want to try this recipe at least once?

Personally, I am in agreement with Rancic’s philosophy towards cooking as a family and encouraging children to experiment with food and flavor. My kids started cooking at a young age and continue to cook with me today. A child’s ability to explain why they do or do not like a particular food can help both the parent and kid create more appealing dinners.

Before we ended our conversation, I asked Rancic about her RPM restaurants in both Chicago and Washington DC. Having visited the Chicago restaurants, (RPM Italian and RPM Steak), I was curious if she and her partners were looking to expand. Lucky for Chicagoans, next summer a new space will be opening on the Chicago Riverfront. This impressive location will offer amazing views and several event spaces. The formal restaurant will focus on seafood. I know that I will be eagerly awaiting this addition to the Chicago restaurant scene.

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After my conversation with Giuliana Rancic, I was impressed with her take family eating and encouraging families to cook and eat together. The mindset doesn’t necessarily require superhero powers, but it can bring superhero like results. Getting the family cooking in the kitchen, sharing a moment around the table and enjoying their time together is just as much a special power as those superheroes in the Incredibles 2.

Thanks Guiliana Rancic for taking the time to talk to FoodSided. Our family is ready to whip up some incredible egg recipes – is yours?