Are you ready to snack in color?


Should you make snack time more colorful? TERRA thinks that the snack bowl should be as vibrant as the world around you. Who’s hungry?

Why should a snack lack color when the world is so vibrant? The idea of eating the rainbow is common among food fans. Why should that concept stop at the snack aisle? Are you ready to snack in color?

TERRA has been making snack-time a vibrant one. With its colorful array of root vegetables, TERRA has embraced the rainbow of root vegetables that make snacking enjoyable. Eating beige is boring and life should never be boring.

In a recent survey, TERRA found that “75 percent of people said they would rather live in a house that was only one color than eat the same color food every day for the rest of their lives.” This statement shows that people want variety in their food choices. Even the pickiest of eaters can crave a different color, texture or flavor on the plate.

Various colors give people the visual that the tastes will be different. No one wants the same food every day because that it a boring existence. Whether your body is craving a different nutrient or just a different flavor, colorful snacks are important.

It has long been agreed that people eat with their eyes. A colorful snack can be satisfying even before you put a morsel in your mouth. The color can help to anticipate a flavor, texture or even a food memory. For example, a sweet potato chip can have you thinking of that favorite holiday side dish that your grandmother makes. While it might not be the exact same taste, it is something familiar and comforting.

With TERRA, the colorful snacks are more than an enticing visual. The bag of root vegetable chips are a mix of textures. Each vegetable has a different crunch level. While some chips are super crunchy other chips have a more subtle crunch. Snacking on TERRA chips is like a symphony of textures.

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Snack time should be beige and boring. Let TERRA chips bring some vibrant color to your bowl. Who’s ready to eat the rainbow?