1/3 of Americans think a hot dog is this…are they right?


The hot dog debate is back. 1/3 of Americans believe that they have made the right call on this iconic food. Are you in the majority or minority?

A hot dog is a simple, humble food. Who hasn’t eaten their fair share of this classic food? From summer barbecues to a baseball game staple, hot dogs are a favorite choice with both young and old. But, one hotly contested debate has returned. Is a hot dog a sandwich? Where do you stand on this food debate?

On National Hot Dog Day, Ibotta released its survey that states 1/3 of Americans consider hot dogs as a sandwich. Of course, a few states firmly believe that hot dogs aren’t sandwiches. Vermont, Minnesota, Idaho, Utah and South Dakota are quite clear that hot dogs are not, nor can be, a sandwich.

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Looking back at the history of hot dogs, the sandwich identity came from the idea that hot dogs are really sausage sandwiches. Since this food is basically a cooked sausage, putting it on a bun is like a sausage sandwich.

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While the sandwich debate is an entertaining conversation topic, it isn’t the only debate considering hot dogs. Hot dog’s condiments are also hotly contested. Don’t dare bring ketchup to the table in Chicago. Of course, a classic Chicago dog has been dragged through the garden, but ketchup is never an acceptable condiment.

Truthfully, hot dogs aren’t just an encased sausage on a bun. Today, some restaurants are dedicated to serving just hot dogs. From the iconic Oscar Mayer Wienermobile to a favorite food at a baseball game, this food has become part of American culture.

Over the years, hot dogs have changed in many ways. Today, hot dogs contain better ingredients, which is a response to consumers’ wants. There are even decent vegan dogs that are tasty.

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Even though everyone can still debate the idea of sandwich or not a sandwich, it doesn’t take away from that iconic, encased sausage on a bun that we all know as a hot dog.

But, we do have one question that we want answered – is a corndog still a corndog if it isn’t served on a stick?