Oscar Mayer’s Super Hotdogger is the epic start to summer


Oscar Mayer brings the Super Hotdogger to the iconic WienerFleet with the most epic hot dog delivery for the summer.

Oscar Mayer hotdogs are a classic part of summer. The Wienermobile has also become an iconic part of pop culture. Still, the iconic brand is looking to grow, expand and look to the future. The new Super Hotdogger brings hot dogs to new heights.

Launched just in time for summer, the new Super Hotdogger is the high flying hot dog delivery system. Basically, this new delivery device is a hot dog JetPack. According to the brand, “Super Hotdogger sports a belt equipped with aerodynamic hot dog carrying cases and a uniquely designed helmet that zeroes in on hungry targets on the ground. “

Oscar Mayer Super Hotdogger, photo provided by Oscar Mayer

Last year, Oscar Mayer introduced the WienerDrone to kick off summer hot dog season. Flying hot dog delivery isn’t that farfetched. Many companies are exploring, quick, effective food delivery methods. Why can’t a hot dog flying delivery man be part of this summer’s reality?

The brand’s innovation isn’t limited to the WienerFleet. Last year, the company showed that it was committed to providing a better hot dog to consumers. “All added nitrates and nitrites, by-products and artificial preservatives have been removed in the brand’s hot dogs.” With the launch of this new high-flying delivery system, the new offerings of Oscar Mayer Pork and Chicken Hot Dogs, that are made with “meat that is 100 percent ground pork and 100 percent ground chicken.”

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Hot dogs and summer go hand in hand. While everyone can debate on hot dog toppings, there is something simply perfect about a hot dog on a bun. Sure, the classic hot dog has been transformed into nacho dogs or piled high with condiments. Still, the flavor of the hot dog itself must come through and it needs to taste good. It needs to remind you of those summer flavors that you remember as a child.

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Even as Oscar Mayer launches its hot dogs into the skies with its Super Hotdogger, that classic, flavorful hot dog is real reason why summer and hot dogs are the definitive combo.