Lay’s Tastes of America chips return with even bolder flavor choices


Fans of chips are rejoicing. Lay’s Tastes of America chips are back with the most flavor options for fans. Can you handle these bolder flavor choices?

It’s that time of year. Fans of Lay’s chips are cheering this year’s announcement of its annual Tastes of America flavors. This year’s offerings are some of boldest flavors yet. From one of the summer’s hottest food trends to a regional favorite, which chip flavor will capture the nation’s appetite?

Over the years, Lay’s Tastes of America has brought some epic creations to snack time. The flavors have captured iconic regional dishes in chip form. Sometimes when I would look at the snack bag, I would shake my head in disbelief. But, one taste of those chips and you could really taste that particular dish.

For example, last year’s Fried Green Tomato flavor tasted like that iconic Southern dish. It was totally uncanny the flavor comparison. While the texture was different, the flavor reference was clear. More importantly, the chips were totally addicting.

Lay’s Tastes of America chips, photo provided by Lay’s

This year, Lay’s is releasing eight regionally inspired flavors. This flavors will surely have people talking. From Chicago’s Giordano’s inspired deep dish pizza flavor to chile con queso, it looks like an epic chip party will be on the agenda.

The complete list of eight flavors are:

"Cajun Spice (Central Gulf), Chile Con Queso (Texoma, Mountain, SoCal), Cajun Spice (Central Gulf), Chile Con Queso (Texoma, Mountain, SoCal), Chesapeake Bay Crab Spice (Mid-Atlantic), Deep Dish Pizza (Heartland & Mid-America), Fried Pickles with Ranch (Midwest), New England Lobster Roll (Northeast), Pimento Cheese (Southeast), and Thai Sweet Chili (Pacific Northwest)."

While I look forward to trying all these flavors, one flavor will definitely have people talking. The fried pickles with ranch is the flavor that I believe will quickly become a hit. Pickle flavors have been everywhere this summer (We’ve all seen those pickle drinks and desserts.) It will be interesting to see how Lay’s captures that briny yet delish flavor.

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Lay’s didn’t stop at these eight new flavors for this summer offerings. A few of the favorite regional flavors are making their return. Lay’s is bringing back “Lay’s Wavy West Coast Truffle Fries in the West, Lay’s Ketchup in the Northeast, and Lay’s Wavy Fried Green Tomato in the Southeast.”

Although Lay’s announced the new flavors today, the chips won’t store shelves till late July. Plus, Lay’s will be heading out on the Tastes of America Tour. At local food festivals, Lay’s and Food Network personality, Hannah Hart, will bring these new flavors directly to fans. What better way to see how the regional flavors play in the inspirational area.

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Are you hungry for these new Lay’s chips? I will definitely try all eight flavors and will share my opinions with everyone. Which one do you think will be America’s favorite new flavor?