Shark Week specials take a bite out of Chicago restaurants


Shark Week celebrates 30 years of shark-filled goodness. Luckily several Chicago restaurants are willing to sip their way through those shark-filled waters.

Shark Week, the most anticipated week of the summer, has returned. It seems like it was just yesterday that Michael Phelps took on the “who swim faster challenge.” While many people will be obsessed with watching all the programming on Discovery channel, several Chicago restaurants will be shaking up some delicious cocktails for the annual celebration.

While you might not want to step in the dark, chilly water while watching these shark shows, you might need a great cocktail to calm your nerves. Here are some Chicago locales that celebrating the often mis-understood shark, yet celebrated shark.

Shark Week, Castaways, photo provided by Castaways

Castaways – The Hammerhead

From a beautiful perch on Chicago’s North Avenue Beach, Castaways is the perfect place to celebrate sharks. From July 22 through July 29, Castaways will be serving The Hammerhead. Reminiscent of a beautiful blue ocean, this cocktail combines Captain Morgan Coconut Rum, pineapple juice and blue curaçao. Just be careful, this cocktail might pack a big punch.

Parlay at Joy District Lost at Sea, photo provided by Parlay

Parlay at Joy District

With a group of friends, anything seems just a little more festive. Parlay at Joy District is offering the shareable cocktail, “Lost at Sea.” This super-sized cocktail even has floating gummy sharks. Everyone can definitely brave these blue waters. The Lost at Sea cocktail is $24.

Kizuki Ramen & Izakaya – sake infused gummy sharks

Kizuki Ramen & Izakaya

Gummy sharks are perfect for any shark celebration. At Kizuki Ramen & Izakaya, its Shochu sake infused gummy sharks definitely take a bite out of this week celebration. Who’s ready to take a bite?

Four Entertainment Group, aliveOne, Easy Bar, Estelle’s, Remedy and The Owl

The anti-straw movement has become part of everyone’s awareness. Four Entertainment Group will be hosting a weeklong Shark Week benefit. Supportive of the anti-straw movement, straws are provided only on request. Also, if requested, the locations use Hay! Straws, which are eco-friendly. To support the cause, all locations “will collect $1 from every full-price signature house cocktail sold and donate 50-percent of proceeds to Chicago’s Shedd the Straw Campaign and 50-percent to For a Strawless Ocean.” Plus, the locations will show shark-themed movies like JAWS.

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Are you ready to celebrate Shark Week? Grab a cocktail, a friend and get ready for a deep dive. Sharks aren’t scary once you get over that fear factor.