Share a Coke campaign resonates with its fans


Share a Coke has been everywhere this summer. Who hasn’t searched for her name, a friend or even the “grillmaster?” But, is campaign more than just drinking a soda?

Did you Share a Coke with someone this summer? Store shelves have been filled with bottles bearing people’s names or sometimes titles. Is this campaign just drinking a soda? I think that it is more than just the drink and the bottle.

As this campaign has grown, the available names have grown, too. Instead of just Amy and Matt, there are tons of less common names, too. Even last names have popped on labels. Maybe you are an Adams or a Rios. The campaign has become more inclusive.

Share a Coke, photo by Cristine Struble

Like many other people, my family always looks on store shelves to find our names or grillmaster. Sometimes we search in vain and other times we are exuberant because we find that special bottle. But, the reason why we search isn’t just for the soda, we want that personalized bottle. Sure, we can always get that soda, but that special bottle just tastes better, right?

These personalized bottles exemplify the idea of “Share a Coke.” Sometimes having a drink is more than just quenching a thirst, it is enjoying a moment. It could be a summer barbecue with family, a small gesture to a friend or remembering someone who had an impact on your life. Those names on bottles become more than just a simple label. The drink becomes a shared moment together and possibly a special memory.

So many people don’t take the time to actually interact with each other. While technology might keep people in touch, those devices aren’t a substitute for real, in life interactions. If a label on a soda can bring back real life interactions between people, I will buy all the bottle with my family’s names.

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Hopefully, Coke will continue the Share a Coke campaign. While I might not find “Cristine” on my grocery store shelf, I bet that my kids’ will find their names. And, I will gladly buy those bottles every time if it means that I get to spend more time with them.