Moët Ice Cold cocktail, are you ready to sip like a Hamptonite?


Summer might be coming to an end, but don’t miss this refreshing cocktail before it does. Sip like a Hamptonite and enjoy a Moët Ice Cold cocktail.

One of the summer’s most-sipped cocktails is the Moët Ice Cold cocktail. Created at The Surf Lodge in the Hamptons, it quickly became the most-sipped cocktail by Hamptonites this summer. While only some people are fortunate enough to get a table at The Surf Lodge, everyone can enjoy this summer refresher before summer fades away.

With this summer being so warm, everyone has been looking for ice cold drinks. Champagne on ice has become a beverage trend. Although this trend offers cold, bubbly refreshment, not every champagne is best for this occasion. The Moët & Chandon Ice Imperial is specifically designed to be enjoyed over ice.

Moët Ice Cold cocktail, sip like a Hamptonite, photo provided by Moët

The Moët & Chandon Ice Imperial features more fruity flavors. From tropical flavors, like pineapple, blend with the fresh grape notes. The cold nature of the beverage makes it quite easy to sip. Also, don’t worry about the ice watering down the flavor. One glass is completely refreshing, almost palate awakening.

At The Surf Lodge, located in Montauk, their special cocktail is perfect for a pre-dinner cocktail or just a relaxing summer afternoon. Since a trip to the Hamptons isn’t always, possible, FoodSided was able to get the cocktail recipe to share.

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  • "Moët Ice ColdIngredients:5 oz Moet Ice Imperial.5 oz Elderflower liqueur4 dashes of Angostura bittersGrapefruit half wheel and mint sprigMethod:Add ice to wine glass and Build cocktail in glass."

    This cocktail combines both sweet and herbaceous flavors, which makes it so refreshing. The mint awakens both the palate and the nose. The brightness of the mint makes you forget about the heat on a summer day.

    The elderflower liqueur adds a lovely floral note to this cocktail. Having seen an increase of popularity after this summer’s Royal Wedding, elderflower and champagne are always a lovely combination. The key is to add just a touch, so that the flavor doesn’t overpower the champagne.

    Lastly, the grapefruit was a slightly unusual choice, but a good one. The acidity from the grapefruit wheel balances the sweetness from the other fruit flavors. It makes the drinker go back for another refreshing sip.

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    Don’t let summer pass without enjoying the Moët Ice Cold cocktail. You might not be a Hamptonite, but you can drink like one.