Elderflower: More than just a wedding cake flavor


A springtime floral, elderflower is more than just a wedding cake flavor. It is time to discover the many uses for this distinctive flavor.

Elderflower is a lovely, floral flavor that is seeing a boost in popularity. As one of Harry and Meghan’s Royal Wedding cake flavors, the floral, herbal flavor could be the next food trend. But, wedding cake flavor isn’t the herb’s only use.

Most plentiful during spring, elderflowers are actual flowers. There are different varieties which elicit different flavors. Generally, the flavor is considered a little sweet and floral. Overall, the flavor isn’t as floral as rosewater, but a delicate hand is always best.

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Elderflowers are said to have some health benefits. Some people consider it to have some anti-inflammatory properties. Sometimes elderflowers are used in teas for their health benefits.

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The combination of lemon with the elderflower is a common pairing. The bright tart lemon is a lovely complement to the floral notes. In many cake recipes, the elderflower flavor is used as a syrup. The syrup keeps the cake moist. Another option is to use the floral flavor to an icing, like the Royal Wedding cake.

While many of us won’t be making gigantic wedding cakes in our spare time, the flavor is commonly used in cocktails. St. Germain features elderflowers in this liqueur. The flowers are distilled to create that distinctive flavor.

St. Germain cocktails have many styles and varieties. From elaborate cocktails to simple martinis, the options are many. Personally, I enjoy a touch of St. Germain in a champagne cocktail.

A simple St. Germain spritz combines champagne (or sparkling wine) with the liqueur, sparkling water and a twist of lemon. This cocktail is lovely as an aperitif or paired with a dessert. Maybe you could even make one to toast the happy couple.

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Will people still be talking about elderflower next month? Let’s hope so. The flavor is delightful and it isn’t just for wedding cakes.