Powerade Sorry Cards take the sting out sports rivalries


POWERADE has added to its Some Kind of Power story. The new  POWERADE Sorry Cards hope to keep those sports rivalries friendly, at least in an eloquent way.

Sports rivalries are part of the excitement of competition. In the newest chapter of the POWERADE Some Kind of Power story, the brand wants to keep the “friend” in friendly rivalry. Could these POWERADE Sorry Cards take the sting out of that crushing defeat?

Is there a nice way to express your condolences to your friend on his epic, horrible loss? While you might not really be sorry that you crushed, trampled and slaughtered your friend in competition, you feel compelled to say something constructive. POWERADE has you covered with the new Sorry Cards.

Yes, now there is a constructive, even positive, way to tell your friend that that recent trouncing wasn’t quite as horrible as it seemed. Sure, your friend is hanging his head in defeat (and you’re secretly gloating), but you want him to have a little hope, right? These actual, real greeting cards can be that little sunshine on his dreary day.

POWERADE Sorry Cards, Forgive me, photo provided by POWERADE

Trash talking has been part of sports forever. As long as the sentiment is in good fun, the concept is part of the game. These actual, real greeting cards just make those words a little more tangible.

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POWERADE really does offer these apologetic, and sarcastic, greeting cards. Anyone can order one at sorry.powerade.com. There are several themes available. The 10 designs and messages feature football, basketball and baseball references. The cards can be customized and will be delivered in about a week from ordering.

As football season begins, I foresee ordering a few of these cards for big game week. Who doesn’t want to get a little extra jab in after a big win? Of course, make sure that your friends appreciate the joke. No one should end a friendship over a sporting event.

This continuation of the Some Kind of Power story line represents a common part of sports. Who didn’t try to get into the head of your opponent? Whether you like it or not, trash talking has been, and will continue to be, part of sports. This light hearted approach is quite amusing. Also, it shows that some sports moments are universal. Losses and wins are have both positive and negative consequences.

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Would you send POWERADE Sorry Cards to some friends? Just remember, the next game’s outcome might be a little different.