Barry Sanders shares his ultimate homegating essentials


Legendary running back Barry Sanders wants this football season to be epic for football fans. Do you know his ultimate homegating essentials?

Barry Sanders is considered one of the greatest running backs of all time. Now that the Detroit Lions legend has left the gridiron, his football Sundays look a little different. Homegating has become his Sunday focus.

What is homegating? Simply stated, it is the idea of bringing the classic football tailgate into your home. While many fans would love to see their favorite team in person, it isn’t always possible. Luckily gathering fellow fans (or rivals) together to watch the game at home is a possibility, hence the homegate. Bringing the tailgate experience home is easier than you think.

LOS ANGELES, CA – AUGUST 31: Barry Sanders and Tostitos embrace the “Homegate” this NFL season with the first-ever snack-inspired Double-Decker Stadium Sofa on August 31, 2018 in Los Angeles, California. (Photo by Joe Scarnici/Getty Images for Tostitos )

As the new football season kicks off, FoodSided sat down with Barry Sanders to discuss his ultimate homegating essentials and his partnership with Tostitos. As part of a huge promotional kickoff, one lucky football fan will receive the ultimate football watching essential, the Tostitos Stadium Sofa.

One of the biggest problems with bringing friends together to watch a game is ensuring that everyone has a good view of the game and a comfortable place to sit. Add in fantasy football tracking (smartphones/tablets/computers), beverages and snacks, good seating is a must. The Tostitos Stadium Sofa is the seating any football fan will covet.

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During my conversation with Barry Sanders, I asked why the Tostitos Stadium Sofa is a must for homegating. The Stadium Sofa is the ultimate in the homegate solution. The Tostitos Stadium Sofa features stadium-style seating, charging stations, fridge drawer, Tostitos chip and dip bowls, cup holders and basically anything that you need for the best at home tailgating/homegate experience. With this special sofa no one will be miss the big play because he was getting a snack in the kitchen.

Sanders said, “Since I’ve been retired, I’ve really worked to perfect the art of the Homegate.” While he occasionally takes his sons to Detroit Lion games, they usually watch games at home. With this Stadium Sofa, fans are “taking viewing parties to the next level.” While this Stadium Sofa is part of a special Tostitos promotion, I can see some diehard football fans trying to DYI their own version.

Since food and football go hand in hand, I asked Sanders whether he had any superstitious food traditions. While he knows that many fans have traditional foods for the football tailgates, he doesn’t have a specific food that he must eat. He mentioned that his homegate often features foods that his kids want. It sounded like he has a big variety of foods, including some Tostitos chips and dips.

As for when he played, he didn’t have any particular foods that he had to eat prior to a big game. He did mention that some players had various superstitions and food traditions. While he didn’t mention names, it made me wonder who and what those football players enjoyed eating or had to eat.

Looking back over Sanders’ legendary football career, I asked if there were specific players or teams that he found elevated his performance. Speaking of teams, he mentioned that division rivals, like the Packers and the Bears always were huge games. Specifically, playing against the Packers’ Reggie White and the 85 Superbowl Bears were huge games for him during his football career.

Also, Sanders mentioned that he always looked forward to playing against Emmitt Smith. He thought that their two running styles were competitive. Who didn’t look forward to those epic running battles on the gridiron?

LOS ANGELES, CA – AUGUST 31: Barry Sanders and guests enjoy the first-ever snack-inspired Double-Decker Stadium Sofa with Tostitos as they celebrate “Homegate” this NFL season on August 31, 2018 in Los Angeles, California. (Photo by Joe Scarnici/Getty Images for Tostitos )

Since I have had the pleasure of attending a Lions/Packers game on Thanksgiving Day game, I asked about his experiences on that annual tradition. Sanders said that the whole city of Detroit celebrates that holiday tradition. It creates a sense of community. Personally, as a visiting football fan, I completely agree. Everyone was extremely welcoming and it is definitely a bucket list experience for football fans.

With the NFL season kicking off tonight, I would have been remiss if I didn’t ask his thoughts on this season. Sanders thinks that highly ranked teams like the Falcons, Patriots and even the Jaguars will continue to do well. Also, he believes that the Detroit Lions could have a breakout year. With their new head coach, the Lions should match-up well against the always successful Packers and other division rivals.

For football fans preparing their football watching events, one lucky person will be the envy of football fans. The Tostitos Stadium Sofa, that Barry Sanders showcased, will be given away by Tostitos. Homegate hosts can tweet #TostitosHomegate and #entry for a change to win this ultimate homegating essential. The contest is open now through September 10.

Also, if you’re attending the Dallas Cowboys home opener on September 16, you will get a chance to see the Tostitos Stadium Sofa in person. Just don’t spill any chips and dip on the sofa. That offense is a definite homegate foul.

Even though there is only one Stadium sofa, the homegating essentials that everyone needs are Tostitos chips. At various retailers, fans can purchase local team branded bags. Don’t worry if you’re favorite team isn’t in your hometown. All the NFL team bundles can be purchased online, while supplies last. So Packers fans stuck in Florida can still show their cheesehead pride.

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A huge thank you to Barry Sanders and Tostitos for this interview opportunity. And, good luck to everyone who enters the Tostitos Stadium Sofa giveaway.

Are you ready for some football? Get your ultimate homegating essentials for this season and cheer your favorite team to victory. Just don’t spill on yourself or your friends. No one wants to be ejected for a party foul.