Starbucks’ new Cordosio is the caffeine jolt you want


Starbucks just released its newest drink, Cordosio. This homage to the Milan Reserve Roastery is definitely a caffeine jolt.

Do you need a caffeine boost? Cordosio, Starbucks’ newest beverage, is definitely the caffeine fix that will start your day off right. As Starbucks celebrates the opening of its Milan Reserve Roastery, this beverage brings Starbucks back to its coffee roots. This particular beverage is named as the Italian location. September 7 marks the opening of the Starbucks Milan Reserve Roastery, the ultimate Starbucks experience.

According to Starbucks, the Cordosio beverage “features an extra shot of espresso paired perfectly with steamed whole milk, mocha sauce and finished with light dusting of cocoa powder.” This new drink is for coffee drinkers. Instead of the colorful, sugary beverages that have taken over the Starbucks menu, this drink is perfect in its simplicity. Coffee, milk and cocoa are all that a good coffee drink needs.

What is more surprising about this drink is the caffeine kick that the beverage offers. Looking at the drink, the short drink should offer about 155 milligrams of caffeine. Thinking about this number, that caffeine jolt is about double of the caffeine in a tall cappuccino. Forget those canned caffeine drinks, this Starbucks option sounds much tastier with your morning pastry.

Truthfully, it is wonderful to see Starbucks offering a true coffee drink. It has been a while since a “coffee” drink has been added to the menu. Sure, the colorful Galaxy Frappuccino, Cosmic Ball Frappuccino and refreshers are nice, but they aren’t coffee. Sometimes a good, flavorful coffee can be better than any sugary concoction.

The Starbucks Cordosio will be available in the U.S. at various locations. The drink will be available while supplies last. It would be nice to see this beverage become part of the permanent Starbucks menu. Since most people cannot take a trip to the Milan Reserve Roastery, it would be a good way for Starbucks to honor that elaborate Starbucks experience.

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Would you order the new Cordosio? Could it replace your typical Starbucks order?