Starbucks Galaxy Frappuccino, too far, far away for most of us


Another colorful Starbucks Frappuccino will be filling your Instagram feed. Unfortunately, the Starbucks Galaxy Frappuccino is far, far away.

Ready to hop a plane? If you want to sip on a Starbucks Galaxy Frappuccino it will cost you more money than is loaded on your app. This newest colorful Frappuccino is only available in select countries. This limited time blended drink could be the brand’s most colorful one yet. But is it really out of this world?

According to reports, Starbucks Brazil created this out of this world blended drink. The insanely colorful blended beverage is said to mimic the colors of the cosmos. Swirls of pinks, purples and blues entice the drinker to savor every galactic sip.

While the colors look quite celestial, the flavor combinations are even more out of this world. This drink is crème based, with cotton candy flavors and grape dust. If you can’t handle a sugar bomb, this drink is probably not for you.

One aspect of this drink is a little strange. Apparently, the drink includes blue glitter. Sure, people like sparkle, but I don’t want sparkle in my drinks. The glitter beer phase has quietly faded (thankfully). Anyone who has ingested edible glitter may not want to do it often. It might look pretty, but I don’t think that it is a smart food choice.

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Just like any of these limited edition, colorful Frappuccinos, people will head to the nearest Starbucks to get that perfect Instagram picture. Sometimes these drinks are less about the flavor and more about the visual.

It will be interesting to see if a U.S. based Starbucks can re-engineer this particular drink. Maybe your favorite local barista can create stellar Frappuccino with some astronomic colors. There are enough flavors and colors in Starbucks beverages to make something similar.

The Starbucks Galaxy Frappuccino is available from August 22 through August 26 at select locations. The locations appear to be in South America and parts of the Caribbean.

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Would you be willing to travel for a Starbucks Galactic Frappuccino? Personally, I can find other cosmic inspired treats closer to home.