Up your tailgating game with the mother of all grills


As the NFL football season begins, are you ready to up your tailgating game? The mother of all grills can set you on the path of tailgating glory.

Is your tailgating game ready? This football season is going to be a good one. Beyond the Xs and Os, the biggest part of a winning season is the tailgate. A big focus of a winning tailgate is the grill. From easy foods like brats and hotdogs to elaborate proteins and opulent dishes, the grill is often the workhorse of the tailgate. Shouldn’t your grill be the mother of all grills?

When considering a tailgating grill, a several factors need to be discussed. Size, cooking method and portability are important. Unless you are a tailgating king, you aren’t bringing a grill that needs a trailer to pull it. The grill needs to fit in the back of the card.

Second, hot coals can be a problem. While some stadium lots offer coal dumps, no one wants ash all over the back of their car. Who wants to clean up a mess when they get home from the big game?

A perfect option to perfect your tailgating game is a grill that is portable, compact and easy to use. The new Mr. Steak is the answer to all your tailgating needs. A compact, easily portable grill, Mr. Steak is perfect for a football tailgate.

Also, the grill uses a ceramic infrared burner. This type of burner allows for a super-high heat. That high eat allows for a perfect sear, which seals into the flavor of the meat. It is reminiscent of the sear that a steak has from a steakhouse.

While this method of cooking is preferred for steaks, other foods work well on Mr. Steak. From hamburgers to chicken, any type of tailgating food benefits from this ceramic, infrared cooking. One taste and you will be convinced.

Plus, this methodology of cooking makes it perfect for tailgating. No coals to clean up, compact in size and easy to use make this grill a tailgating must have. Even the novice tailgater can impress with this grill.

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Mr. Steak retails for around $229. It can be purchased at Bass Pro Shops and other retailers.

Are you ready to up your tailgating game? Start with the mother of all grills and start impressing your fellow fans today.