Jason Witten trades football jersey for a beer delivery uniform


Now that Jason Witten has retired his Dallas Cowboys jersey, he donned a different uniform to kick off this year’s football season.

Whether you say how ‘bout them Cowboys or call them America’s team, Dallas Cowboy fans are fanatical about their team. Former Cowboys tight end, Jason Witten has seen first-hand the loyalty of those Cowboys’ fans. This season Witten will be sitting behind the Monday Night Football desk instead of taking the field in a Cowboys uniform. Still, he did want to kick off the season with a bang. Luckily, Miller Lite made that situation happen for some lucky fans.

For 30 years, Miller Lite has been the official beer of Dallas football. This season, Miller Lite wanted to celebrate that partnership in a special way. Several unsuspecting fans got the ultimate beer delivery, a delivery from Jason Witten.

Jason Witten surprises Dallas Cowboys fans with Miller Lite, photo provided by Miller Lite

Dressed in a Miller Lite delivery uniform, Witten surprised selected diehard fans with beer. According to Miller Lite, the fans were chosen because they “held true to their love of the game, their team and their beer.” Witten said, “(f)or me, it’s always been about the fans. They deserved to be celebrated.”

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The best part about these videos is the approachability of Witten. While many people dream about this type of meeting with one of their favorite Dallas Cowboys players, the experience is almost surreal. Who would think that Witten would ring his door and enjoy a cold Miller Lite with him?

This type of promotion solidifies the fan/brand association. If the brand offered this type of special experience for loyal fans, than could another special promotion happen in the future. Rewarding loyalty only reinforces fans continued support of a brand. With so many new products enticing people to try them, these type of fun promotions encourage fans to stay true to their traditional favorites.

Product loyalty can be more fickle than team loyalty. For many football fans, that association with a specific team starts young. Whether passes down from father to son or city specific, sports fans stay true to their team allegiance. When a brand can transfer some of that team loyalty to brand loyalty, the brand wins.

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Would you be shocked if Jason Witten or another football star was at your door with an ice cold Miller Lite? Personally, I would be speechless and then I would chug a beer to calm my nerves.