Who will be named the Sexiest Chef on Food Network?


Could the Sexiest Chef heat up the kitchen? Food Network and People magazine are ready to crown one chef with that title.

Who will be named the Sexiest Chef? This year the Food Network and PEOPLE are collaborating on a primetime special featuring the newest category for the annual Sexiest Man Alive issue. This show will feature 10 talented chefs, but only one will be given the title. Who would make your top 10 list?

According to Food Network, “one up-and-coming chef” will receive this honor. The episode will feature “an up close and personal glimpse at each of the extraordinarily talented chefs, along with their personal stories and culinary styles.” Given how chefs have become huge celebrities, it makes sense that PEOPLE is including them in their own category.

One old saying has been said that cooking is the way to a person’s heart. The idea that a person will willing to create a meal that nourishes not only the body, but also the mind and soul, is quite sexy. A man who can transform food into a dish that can satisfy is quite appealing.

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Exclusive interview with Fire Masters Judge and former Hell's Kitchen Chef, Andy Husbands
Exclusive interview with Fire Masters Judge and former Hell's Kitchen Chef, Andy Husbands /

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  • Of course, this list will feature some good looking chefs. I doubt that the other old saying, don’t trust a skinny chef, will come into play. Many chefs today understand the importance of eating well and smart health choices. Still, today’s young chefs are extremely talented and quite attractive. From Michelin Star chefs to Food Network personalities, I can quickly think of dozens of chefs that could be contenders for this title.

    While Food Network and PEOPLE didn’t provide any clues on potential chefs who made the shortlist, I have a few predications for the upcoming show. A few chefs that could be on the list are Jordan Andino (Cooking Channel’s Late Night Eats), Rocco DiSpirito (restaurateur, author, TV personality), Curtis Stone (restauranteur, author, TV personality), Tyler Florence (author/TV personality) and Seamus Mullen (restaurateur/author).

    Previously, PEOPLE has included chefs in its Sexiest Man Alive issue. This television special is new. Hopefully, each of the profiles includes a signature recipes from the 10 chefs. Even though these chefs might not come cook in your home, you could learn to cook a recipe like them.

    The Food Network and PEOPLE Sexiest Chef episode will premiere on Food Network on Thursday, November 1 at 8 p.m. ET/PT.

    Who has your vote as Sexiest Chef? Given the diverse culinary world, there are many options. But, I’m hoping that Salt Bae doesn’t make the list.