Nesquik and Jordan Andino collaborate to celebrate a childhood favorite


Nesquik has been part of families’ routines for 70 years. Celebrity chef Jordan Andino collaborated with the childhood favorite to create two modern recipes that fans will love.

Growing up, Nesquik and that adorable bunny, Quicky, were part of my morning routine. The chocolate powder swirled into my cup of milk started the day with a special spark. While my morning routine might be a little more hectic, that iconic chocolate powder still has a place on my family’s pantry shelf.

In the beginning, Nesquik offered busy parents a quick and easy way to make that plain cup of milk more exciting. Over the years, the brand expanded the line to include more flavors and even included ready to drink options. Also, the brand evolved to include more nutritious options, like the protein plus line.

Nesquik 70th anniversary celebration, photo provided by Nesquik

For a busy household like mine, the “quick” chocolate powder and ready-made drinks have become my family’s go-to drink both at the beginning of the day and the end of a long day. As the parent of two swimmers, a great tasting, protein-packed drink is needed to re-fuel those tired and growing kids. Swimming 5,000 yards a day can build up quite an appetite.

But, my family isn’t the only one who has grown up with this iconic brand. Even celebrity chefs like Jordan Andino, remember the chocolate goodness that comes from that iconic yellow container. He is partnering with the brand as it launches a special pop-up event in California.

Nesquik Milk Stop, photo provided by Nesquik

To celebrate the its 70 years, the brand is hosting a Nesquik Milk Stop in Santa Monica, California. From July 21 through July 27, fans can immerse themselves in all types of fun. More importantly, everyone can enjoy some delicious drinks at the event.

As part of the special celebration, Chef Jordan Andino created two special beverages for this special pop-up event. The Candied Bacon Milk Shake and the Nesquik Berry and Banana Smoothie showcase that the iconic brand can be more than just that traditional milk drink that everyone has come to love.

Chef Jordan Andino, photo provided by Nesquik

Chef Andino is the host of Late Night Eats, a classically trained chef and restaurateur. With the excitement building over this special event, Chef Andino took time out of his busy schedule to speak with me about his two special recipes for this pop-up experience, his love of the brand and food trends. Here are my impressions from that conversation.

Looking at Chef Andino’s two recipes for this pop-cup experience, the drinks take the classic Nesquik and bring the iconic brand to new levels. I asked him about his recipe inspiration. Chef Andino referenced that he wanted to take classic flavors that people love and elevate them in an approachable way. The flavor combinations are tastes that people know and love with a little twist to start people thinking.

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For example, in the Nesquik Berry and Banana Smoothie, the drink includes a mint syrup. The syrup made from simple syrup and purreed mint leaves is swirled in the glass before the smoothie is poured over it. The mint adds a bright, herbaceous note to the smoothie.

Chef Andino mentioned that that everyone has enjoyed some type of smoothie. His twist to add that mint makes his smoothie a different experience. The punch of flavor from the mint transforms the traditional into something new.

The same can be said about the Candied Bacon Milk Shake. This recipe sounds like a drink found on his show Late Night Eats. Sometimes that more indulgent, sweet and salty combination is the flavor that people crave. Since life is about balance, indulgence shouldn’t be dismissed. It is enjoyed with appreciation for the balance in life and eating choices. But, this recipe is more than just an outrageous milkshake.

I asked Chef Andino about the versatility of the recipe’s ingredients. For example, the Nesquik chocolate powder is used to candy the bacon as well as create a chocolate salt. These ideas are a non-traditional use of the iconic chocolate powder.

Chef Andino mentioned that products can be used in all different types of ways. For example, the chocolate salt can be used in a savory application. Using this type of ingredient as a crust for a protein could work really well. Even more interesting was his food memory about one of his family’s classic dishes.

Growing up, Chef Andino would often enjoy a classic Filipino dish, Champorado. (He even made this dish on a food competition show). That classic porridge recipe incorporates a chocolate malt flavor. Chef Andino mentioned that Nesquik could be used in that recipe. While his grandmother might not have made the dish in this way, the flavors that bring back that food memory are very much similar.

Chef Jordan Andino, photo provided by Nesquik

Now as a chef, restauranteur and TV personality, I asked Chef Andino about his perspective on food culture and how people think about food. He mentioned people are more educated and invested in the food that they eat. From food apps to food technology, the home cook needs to understand how food affects herself as a person.

For example, every person and every body is different. Chef Andino mentioned that all sugar isn’t the same. A wide-reaching idea that all sugar has a negative impact may not be the best statement. Knowledge about ingredients, affects and impacts allows everyone to make an educated, informed decision about your own food choices.

Of course, I couldn’t let our conversation pass without a question or two about food trends. What’s the one restaurant/food trend that Chef Andino thinks is on the way out – poke. He doesn’t feel that this one dish/style of food can sustain a restaurant. While I didn’t ask him what could be on the horizon, I guess that I better get my poke craving satisfied before it goes the way of ramen restaurants.

The collaboration between Nesquik and Chef Andino is a smart one for both the brand and the chef. This type of partnership works because it is a natural extension of a product that the chef grew up with, likes and still uses. Both fans and foodies can see the natural collaboration in the two recipes as well as how Chef Andino talks about the brand.

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Personally, I can’t wait to make the Nesquik Berry and Banana Smoothie this weekend with my kids. The mint will hopefully will be that refresher that I need to recuperate after our weekly five mile run. After all, food memories come in all different shapes, sizes and flavors. I grew up with Nesquik and now my kids are too.