Coffee glazed doughnuts are coming to Krispy Kreme


Coffee and doughnuts are a classic combination. Now, Krispy Kreme is bringing the two foods together in a single bite, coffee glazed doughnuts.

Why take a bite and sip when you can just do one? Krispy Kreme is introducing new limited edition coffee glazed doughnuts just in time for National Coffee Day. Coffee fans are excited about this newest Krispy Kreme doughnut flavor. While the doughnut might not have that extra boost of caffeine, it will offer that delicious coffee flavor.

The new limited edition doughnut flavor will be offered for one week starting on Monday, September 24. Similar to the other limited edition flavors, this offering will surely be met with bigger crowds. The idea of a coffee glazed doughnut will appeal to many coffee fans.

Truthfully, it is curious that Kripsy Kreme, or another doughnut company, didn’t think of this flavor combination before. Coffee and doughnuts are a classic combination. While Krispy Kreme’s glazed will be good, a coffee-infused dough would be delightful. Given that scenario, a doughnut brand could mix up various glazes. From chocolate to seasonal, the possibilities are many.

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  • In addition to the limited edition doughnut, Kripsy Kreme is launching a new coffee flavor for National Coffee Day. The Original Glazed Coffee will become part of the permanent menu at Krispy Kreme.

    This new coffee flavor should have a hint of sweetness, like the iconic Krispy Kreme glaze. It will be interesting to see if this new coffee flavor needs cream or sugar. Even more important, how will it taste when a Krispy Kreme doughnut is enjoyed with it.

    To celebrate both National Coffee Day and the launch of these two new offerings, Krispy Kreme will be offering a special deal. On September 29, at participating locations, guests will receive a free Krispy Kreme coffee, any size. No purchase is necessary to receive this offer. Also, “Krispy Kreme Rewards members receive the extra perk of a FREE doughnut with their coffee on that day.”

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    Are you excited to try the new Kripsy Kreme coffee glazed doughnuts? Show us your love of doughnuts with #FoodSided. Let’s see who has the best doughnut and coffee combination on National Coffee Day.