Hell’s Kitchen Season 18 episode 2 exclusive preview: Emotional Bret is back


In Hell’s Kitchen Season 18 episode 2, Bret, one of the returning veterans, receives a huge advantage. Is emotional Bret taking over the kitchen?

After last week’s Hell’s Kitchen twist reveal, the rookies and the veterans are ready to start cooking in Hell’s Kitchen Season 18 episode 2. Like any good season of Hell’s Kitchen, the twists, turns and surprises never end. As seen in this week’s exclusive preview clip, the chefs have two opportunities that no one has had in Hell’s Kitchen.

While the chefs had prepared their signature dishes in a head to head battle last week, some of the iconic Gordon Ramsay/Hell’s Kitchen dishes didn’t make an appearance. One of the classic menu items that has been featured is risotto. This week risotto can make or break the chefs.

Over the year, chefs have been plagued by this Italian dish. Time and time again, Chef Ramsay bellows at chefs that their risotto is imperfect. Under cooking, over cooking and lack of seasoning have been common complaints. Since this season is all about twists, the Hell’s Kitchen risotto is about to receive its own twist.

According to the episode synopsis, “Chef Ramsay announces that he is taking his risotto off of the Hell’s Kitchen menu, and the contestants are tasked with preparing their own risotto dish in the hopes of replacing the old one for the remainder of the season.”

Check out this exclusive clip from Hell’s Kitchen Season 18 episode 2.

This clip reveals several intriguing items about this week’s episode. First, Mia and Bret have the best risotto dishes. While the exact flavor profiles of the dishes aren’t revealed, it is quite interesting that these two chefs are on top.

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First, Mia did extremely well last episode. Her impressive culinary background is more than just experience on a resume. It looks like she can definitely cook, and cook well. Given her impressive showings in this challenge and last week’s challenge, she will definitely have a target on her back.

Second, Bret was the top veterans’ risotto. While I don’t doubt his cooking ability, he has been, and apparently still is, very emotional in the kitchen. Sometimes emotions are good in cooking. Those feelings and memories can help channel heart and soul into a dish. But, if those emotions overcome a chef, the dish can be a disaster.

Looking at Bret’s reaction to his win, emotional Bret is back. While he seems to be cooking from the heart, his emotional reaction seemed to annoy the other chefs. The last thing that anyone wants to do is make the other chefs angry. That situation is only asking for a larger problem.

Also, Bret’s prize for the best risotto dish wasn’t just his recipe making the Hell’s Kitchen menu. Bret receives a punishment pass. While the video doesn’t provide details about this reward, it is a new twist for Hell’s Kitchen Season 18. It will be curious if this punishment pass allows Bret to avoid punishment, pass his punishment onto another chef or inflict a particular punishment of his own.

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