Alfonso Ribeiro shares his Thanksgiving meal must haves


Alfonso Ribeiro is a popular celebrity, but his family plays center stage at Thanksgiving. His Thanksgiving meal favorites might be the same as your family.

Alfonso Ribeiro has some Thanksgiving meal must have haves. While some people might think that this famous personality could have an elaborate Thanksgiving feast set for the holiday, the truth is that many of his favorite Thanksgiving foods are just like everyone else.

As people begin to panic about all the Thanksgiving foods, a few ideas can make the whole experience less stressful. Taking a little help from friends, family and even brands like Bob Evans Farm side dishes can alleviate a big portion of the kitchen prep.

Getting a little help from a pre-made side is a good thing. Since the majority of people cooking at Thanksgiving aren’t professional chefs, a little help along the way is totally acceptable. No one said that a semi-homemade meal isn’t as special. In some cases it can be even be quite tasty.

While the food brings everyone to the table, the true focus of Thanksgiving is celebrating the gratitude for the year that has passed. Of course, you can be grateful for that magnificent feast set before you (or the help from those Bob Evans Farms sweet potatoes). More importantly, the holiday celebrates the family, friends and lives that people share.

Alfonso Ribeiro Thanksgiving meal must haves- Los Angeles, CA – 10/10/2018 – Alfonso Ribeiro

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As everyone makes the final preparations for Thanksgiving, Alfonso Ribeiro chatted with me about a few of this Thanksgiving meal must haves, his favorite dishes and what he is grateful for this year.

Cristine Struble: What’s your family’s secret to a less stressful Thanksgiving meal?

Alfonso Ribeiro: We typically start the cooking process one day in advance to limit the amount of focus on cooking and allow us to enjoy out family and friends. Plus, we don’t make everything from scratch. Our family tip: we use Bob Evans Farms refrigerated sides, made with real ingredients, to save time in the kitchen and concentrate on spending quality time with our family and friends.

CS: At some Thanksgiving meals, guests look to the sides to be just as tasty as the turkey. What’s your favorite Thanksgiving side dish?

AR: Hands down the Bob Evans Farms mashed potatoes!!! Love em!!

CS: When hosting a Thanksgiving dinner, do you make extra food because you want to have leftovers?

AR: We over cook, because we love to stuff not only the turkey but our guests as well.

CS: Do you have a favorite leftover meal?

AR: Turkey sandwiches…love fresh turkey sandwiches…

Alfonso Ribeiro with his wife Angela- Los Angeles, CA – 10/10/2018 – Alfonso Ribeiro

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CS: Does your family have a special Thanksgiving tradition that you follow?

AR: We always invite the dancers from Dancing with the Stars to our home. We especially love to have the foreign cast members experience a real American Thanksgiving.

CS: Thanksgiving is often a time to reflect and be grateful, what are you grateful for this year?

AR: First and foremost, I am so grateful for my family and friends’ health and wellbeing. In addition to being grateful that, I am grateful to be able to provide for my family with a job I love and am a fan of America’s Funniest Videos on ABC.

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I would like to thank Alfonso Ribeiro for taking the time to chat with me as well as Bob Evans Farms for facilitating this interview.

This year I am very grateful to have family and friends join me at the table for scrumptious food, thoughtful conversation, uproarious laughter and memories that will fill our hearts for years to come.

Wishing you and your family a very Happy Thanksgiving.