Wolfgang Puck Bar & Grill blends California chic with rustic farmhouse


Wolfgang Puck Bar & Grill brings the celebrated celebrity chef’s iconic style to the Orlando dining and entertainment area. Food fans are excited with the Disney Springs addition.

Wolfgang Puck Bar & Grill is the latest restaurant addition to Disney Springs. While the iconic chef has had other restaurant offerings in the area, this new addition focuses on the California chic dining experience that epitomizes the Puck style. This new restaurant should have broad appeal to foodies, vacationers and locals.

In a recent announcement by Disney Springs, Wolfgang Puck said, “The restaurant is a perfect fit for the area.” The menus are said to be approachable, while still offering some of Puck’s signature dishes. Lead by Executive Chef Michael Tiva, the menu is said to be diverse enough to accommodate the leisurely meal or a celebratory gathering.

Some of the menu’s signature dishes reflect both California cuisine as well as a nod to Puck’s European roots. For example, Heirloom Baby Beet Salad sits side by side with a Fennel Sausage Pizza with pickled peppers and rapini. Dinner choices include My Grandmother’s Lasagna with traditional meat sauce and béchamel and Olive Oil Seared Red Snapper with mussels, clams and fennel, in a spicy tomato broth.


While diverse, the menu seems to work in overall concept. The menu adheres to the idea of both rustic farmhouse, yet fresh, California cuisine approach. Most importantly, the many menu options make it appealing for vacationers. There is nothing more frustrating than fighting over what to eat on vacation.

This latest addition to Disney Springs is another example of a celebrity chef driven restaurant. More guests are looking for the big name tie to a great dining experience. Although these celebrity chefs aren’t in the kitchen cooking, there is an expectation in their dishes. This food isn’t your typical grab and go, mass produced meal.

Often people are drawn to these type of restaurants for the dining experience. When choosing between a big name and an unknown, many diners will choose the name. It adds to the special quality of the dining experience.

While vacationers might be instantly drawn to the name, this restaurant does need to attract locals. The Orlando dining scene is diverse and Disney Springs does capture a lot of local business. As long as this restaurant maintains high qualities and originality, it could be a great destination for the local crowd.

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Wolfgang Puck Bar & Grill at Disney Springs is open now. Operating hours are Sunday through Thursday from 11 am to 11 pm and Friday and Saturday from 11 am to 12 am.