7 ways citrus fruits make the holidays brighter and flavorful


Citrus fruits are a must during the holiday season. This delicious produce can be the key ingredient to make your holidays bright and flavorful.

Citrus fruits are plentiful during the holiday season. While citrus is available year round, the winter months are the peak season for these juicy, flavorful delights. Beyond being a bright punch of flavor in your favorite recipe, citrus can do so much more. During the holidays, there should be no citrus left behind.

Earlier this year, during the Produce Marketing Association Fresh Summit, the full bounty of citrus was on display. While many people think of oranges, grapefruits and lemons, the citrus category is filled with a full rainbow of deliciousness.

Even just thinking about lemons, the options are numerous. Personally, pink lemons, like Limoneira pink lemons, are my obsession. While the color instantly draws your attention, the flavor is equally intriguing. From cocktails to recipes, pink lemons are a fruit to discover.

Limoneira pink lemons, photo by Cristine Struble

Those pink lemons are just one example. Citrus can be the colorful boost to your beverage, recipe or even just home décor. Additionally, there are some health benefits from using citrus, too. The apple isn’t the only fruit that keeps the doctor away.

As the holiday season ramps up, here are seven ways to use citrus fruits to make the holidays even brighter.

Lemon can fight the flu

Lemon can help soothe a sore throat or even help combat that dreaded flu. Add some lemon to tea, water or other beverages. No one wants to feel blah during the holidays.

Citrus décor

Why just have another pine wreath in the house. Use citrus to make a festive holiday wreath. Also, use citrus as table décor or a festive centerpiece. Plus, when the party is over, you can use all that citrus in a recipe.

Save chapped lips

During the winter, chapped lips are a common occurrence. Combine a little lemon juice, cream and honey to buff away those chapped lips.

Fight fridge odor

Did you know that half a lemon in your fridge can take away those unpleasant smells? This natural odor eliminator can help keep that refrigerator smelling fresh.

Zest up your favorite snack

During the cold, winter months, many people enjoy curling up on the couch with a good movie. Add a punch of citrus flavor to your favorite snack with a little zest. For example, zest some lime on top of popcorn. Mix in some spices and you have a flavorful snack for a night of binge watch.

Keep hydration fresh

Everyone knows that staying hydrated is important, especially during the holidays. Add a lemon (especially a pink lemon), lime or even grapefruit to your water. The citrus adds a bright flavor without all the extra calories. That flavored water will help entice you to drink a little more.

Baking gets brighter

While everyone might be baking sugar cookies during the holidays, think about adding some citrus flavors to those favorite baking recipes. From Meyer lemon curd to orange with clove, citrus and baking recipes are perfect during the holidays. The bright, fresh flavors keep the recipes light.

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