IHOP’s All You Can Eat Pancakes is back for a tasty start to the New Year


IHOP has brought back All You can Eat Pancakes. Who’s ready to dig into some hot, fluffy Buttermilk pancakes for the New Year?

All You Can Eat Pancakes are back at IHOP for a limited today. With two options to satisfy that pancake craving, the New Year is shaping up to be a tasty one. From breakfast to dinner, this never-ending stack of pancakes can fulfill that hunger.

The IHOP pancakes special is available in two ways. First, guests can enjoy the Buttermilk pancakes with any classic breakfast combo. The breakfast combos include eggs, hash browns and a meat side. The pancakes round out the breakfast. Of course, the pancakes keep coming until you say stop.

If you just want pancakes, IHOP offers that special, too. For just $4.99 you can get all you can eat Buttermilk pancakes. Guests start with five pancakes. Each refill is served two at a time.

Brad Haley, Chief Marketing Officer, IHOP says, “our pancakes and classic breakfast combos are the most frequently-ordered items on our menu, making this the perfect deal for guests looking to get more of what they love as well as more bang for their buck after the holidays.”

While some people might have resolved to various eating programs, this pancake promotion might not be their top priority. (sorry Keto followers). For everyone else, this special menu promotion is a huge savings. As a parent of hungry students, my kids can finally eat till they are full and my wallet isn’t depleted.

The IHOP All You Can Eat Pancake promotion is available nationwide now through February 24, 2019. The offer is available per guest, per order. Also, it is available only for in-dine orders.

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Who is craving some IHOP pancakes? Don’t let this pancake offer pass you by.