Bird Box dining experience comes to a New York restaurant


Are you obsessed with the Netflix movie, Bird Box? Now, a New York restaurant offers diners a Bird Box dining experience.

A Bird Box dining experience could be the newest dining trend to hit restaurants. While eating blind or eating in the dark isn’t necessarily a new experience, this New York restaurant is joining the Bird Box phenomena. At historic Milleridge Inn in Jericho, Long Island, diners could participate Bird Box immersive dining experience.

According to The Milleridge Inn, the special dining experience has diners recreating moments from the movie. All aspects of the film should be followed by the diners. Each person will be blindfolded and must remain silent while eating. For diners who complete the Bird Box challenge meal, they “permitted to visit the birdhouse, a safe, well-lit area where they may remove their blindfolds without fearing the monsters.”

This dining experience does sound intriguing. Eating blindfolded can increase your taste perception. By removing one of the senses, a diner’s other senses are elevated. From clearer hearing to enhanced taste, this dining experience could be transformative.

While this dining experience is based on the very popular Netflix movie, other cooking competitions and some restaurants have offered this type of challenge. For example, Top Chef has done a blind taste test with its chefs. Some of those talented chefs got numerous foods wrong in the challenge. Sight really does affect how people taste food.

While the Milleridge Inn didn’t reveal its menu for this Bird Box dining experience, it would be curious to see if they pushed the food envelope or kept the menu relatively safe. Although the movie didn’t really focus on food (except for a trip to the grocery store), the restaurant did have a blank slate for this dining experience. Just as long as they didn’t serve little birds on the menu.

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Have you ever dined in the dark or blind? Did it affect how you tasted food? Would you have been willing to try this Bird Box dining experience?